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  Here are a few possible EXPLORER.EXE errors

  1. Software problems (especially right-side third-party add-ins)

Installation of Tsinghua Violet Input Method version 3.0 some times will appear explorer.exe error, the elimination of Tsinghua Purple Input method, with other input method if there is no problem, can be judged as input method. Uninstall the Tsinghua Violet Input method, you can solve.

Tsinghua Purple Input Method version 4.0 did not find a similar problem.

Apple Landscaping version of the RAR caused the trouble, it unloaded temporarily without this error, you can also see is not installed the Apple Landscaping version of the RAR, there are, you can uninstall a look at, installed virtual optical drive, in the system is prone to explorer.exe errors. Uninstalling can sometimes solve the problem.

  2. Reasons for the Explorer.exe procedure itself

Check the file size of the Explorer.exe, normally displayed as 237k or 238k, if the size is inconsistent, you can copy one from another machine Explorer.exe files to the local computer, call Task Manager, access the Explorer.exe process, and then create a new task to copy files to the system disk Winnt directory.

  3. Possible causes of the virus (Wc98pp.dll)

Network Protocol Processor-ebook compilation tool Web compiler related.

The Wc98pp.dll file has no effect on itself, many computers have this file, but when Explorer.exe error, deleting the file resolves the problem and then searches the registry for key values to remove.

Usign.dll, it was mentioned that this file is similar to the Wc98pp.dll two files, delete these two files can be removed from the Internet Explorer constantly out of small ads.

  4. Other reasons

Computer to run a program to wait too long, such as reading data, especially CD-ROM or external device data, there will be Explorer.exe error, the same hint as above.

  5. System kernel Error

This kind of situation I temporarily cannot solve, reinstall the system.

  6. Memory problem

Someone changed the memory to solve the problem, so this should be a reason, but if this problem is more cumbersome, so consider the first few reasons.

  7.windows upgrade results in

We all know that we use pirated XP, since it is pirated, there will certainly be a variety of errors, so we recommend that you do not automatically update the Internet, and the automatic update turned off.

  Here are some information about this annoying error from the internet and how to solve it

  1. Problems with third party add-ins

I get information from people who have encountered a bug in the explorer in a general way. Usually they say, "When I right-click a file in Explorer, I'm prompted that Explorer has encountered an error and needs to close" or "when I try to browse the folder, I receive a prompt that the Explorer has encountered an error and needs to be shut down." Typically, these add-ins are responsible for creating some options when a third-party add-in is not working properly when you right-click a file in the resource manager. Some third-party programs add their own options to these menus, and there are times when problems arise and you will find several unconventional options on the right menu: "Send to Fax Recipient", "Scan with Norton Antivirus", " TextPad "and" Winzip ".

If you want to try to find a third-party add-in that causes an explorer error, you need to download the tool: Shellexview, which allows you to view and disable the add-in.

  Solution: When you download and run it, Shellexview will display all the add-ons that are installed on your computer. You can sort out all the third-party add-ons together. Then, select all third party add-ins and disable them, and try to perform actions that previously caused the error (such as right-clicking a file or browsing a folder, and so on) if there is no error message, an add-in that you disabled has caused an explorer error. Next, you can find the third party extension that caused the error by enabling an add-in each time and trying to cause the error before Shellexview displays all the extra information for the add-in, such as the version number, the company name. If you want to continue using the add-in that caused the explorer to go wrong, check his updated version or contact his customer Support Explorer another reason for the error is that the machine contains viruses, trojans or spyware ads.

Want to detect the virus exists in the computer please use professional procedures, such as jiangmin, rising and other anti-virus software; detect the presence of spyware in the computer, I recommend the following programs: Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta), Lavasoft ' s ad-aware, Rose City Software ' s Spyware medic or Spybot ' s Search & Distroy.

  2. A number of Chinese knowledge Base articles on this issue

Error message when you type an address in the Address box or Open box the desktop is white and the error message reports Browseui.dll Windows Explorer Error

Error message: Explorer caused an Invalid page Fault in module Browseui.dll (Resource Manager causes an invalid paging error in the module Browseui.dll).

Error message: Error Loading Explorer.exe you must Reinstall windows (errors occurred while loading Explorer.exe, you must reinstall Windows).

Windows Explorer exits when you view the contents of my Computer, and Windows Explorer exits and generates an error message when trying to map a network drive, attempting to install the Windows Service Pack 3 o'clock error message "Explorer.exe Has generated Errors and will is Closed by Windows (Explorer.exe has an error and is closed by Windows).

When you close a folder, Explorer.exe may generate an application error, and when you try to open Network Neighborhood, you receive "Windows Explorer has encountered a Problem and Needs to" (Explor Er.exe error, will be shut down by Windows) error message.

You receive an error message when you right-click a file, or if you are having problems opening some files in a Autodesk or discreet product, My Computer and Windows Explorer unexpectedly quit when you tried to open My Network Places or shared Documents in Windows XP. Explorer.exe repeatedly quits unexpectedly in Windows XP.

  3. How to Avoid

When you use Windows XP for a long time, sometimes it runs very smoothly and even does not respond to mouse-keyboard manipulation. Many times it is the system of suspended animation. And the real crash is different, suspended animation can be "saved". The root of the death lies in Explorer.exe (the whole graphics interface). Since it will be suspended, there must be a solution, the following for friends to introduce some rescue system of suspended animation methods.

The first trick: when you use Explorer to open a new folder or open a new page in a browser without responding, use "Win+d" or click the Display Desktop button in the Quick Launch bar, and then press F5 or right-click on the desktop to refresh. A general refresh of 3-5 times after the Resource Manager or browser window restore will return to normal.

The second trick: This is a very good trick, can deal with most of the situation of suspended animation. When the Task Manager is not open, first the optical drive ejected before bouncing (do not put the CD-ROM in the optical drive), the mouse pointer will appear next to a small disc logo, then will arouse the consciousness of the system, this recruit is always tried!

The third recruit: The last killer, use the key combination "Ctrl+alt+del" to start Task Manager, and then in the Process tab end Explorer.exe, the entire desktop only one wallpaper, desktop icons and taskbar are not shadow, and then in Task Manager "file → New task" You can return to normal by entering Explorer.exe in. This can also free up memory resources, kill two birds with one stone.

  The following methods can significantly reduce the likelihood of suspended animation:

Can not use the right button when the menu is not used, as far as possible using hotkeys such as F2 Rename, with F5 refresh. Windows Media player is best not to visualize the effect, often with the card machine. Really want to use, the particle is the most difficult card machine, the proposed "particle" visualization effect. Do not easily use the memory of the software, often the more the faster the system slower. If you really want to free up system resources, it is best to log off the current user and log on again. Having said so much, we may as well try these methods.

  About EXPLORER.EXE error resolution, everybody try

The following content to do batch processing files, to perform. The problem with the Explorer can be solved basically.

Del c:winntwc98pp.dll del C:windowswc98pp.dll

regsvr32 actxprxy.dll/s

regsvr32 shdocvw.dll/s

regsvr32 mshtml.dll/s

regsvr32 urlmon.dll/s

regsvr32 msjava.dll/s

regsvr32 browseui.dll/s

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