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The Disk Defragmenter that you bring from your computer can rearrange the files and unused space on your hard disk, optimize the speed at which your programs are loaded and run, and increase the speed of your hard disk access. But when we do Disk Cleanup, we find that the speed of disk Cleanup is slow, this article recommends that each user should be aware of the following actions when doing Disk cleanup.

First, close the program you are executing

when Disk Defragmenter is defragmenting the disk, the computer behaves slowly when it performs other tasks, and during the defragmentation process, the Disk Defragmenter must reboot whenever another program writes the disk. Therefore, to prevent Disk Defragmenter from restarting too frequently, it is best to close other programs.

Two, disable rescheduling

Disk Defragmenter will rearrange the most commonly used program files when defragmenting the disk so that they can be started quickly, so that we can disable the rescheduling process to speed up disk consolidation. The steps are as follows:

1. Click start → programs → accessories → system tools, and then click Disk Defragmenter, and the system pops up the Select Drive dialog box, where you can select the disks you want to defragment.

2. Click the Settings button, the system ejects the Disk Defragmenter Settings dialog box, and clear the Reschedule program files to enable programs to start faster check box. When this option is cleared, Disk Defragmenter emits all files in one contiguous unit and does not optimize the program. This speeds up the finishing process, but does not guarantee the fastest start of common programs. Click the OK button.

Third, defragment in safe mode

When we start Windows normally, some automatic startup programs are loaded automatically, and these autostart programs read and write to the disk. Disk Cleanup in a disturbed environment does not allow disk Cleanup to play its part. So we chose in safe mode, in Safe mode, Windows will start the required minimum device driver, do not start any user-set automatic startup program. Running Disk Defragmenter in this quiet environment, the cleanup process is not interfered by any interference, it will let the disk clean up the functionality of the essence of the volatile.

Four, adjusting parameters or using specialized software

If the size of the hard disk or partition is small, it takes less time to defragment it, but for some large hard drives and partitions that are stuffed with data, a lengthy wait process is required. So, when we're working on these large-capacity hard drives or partitions, we can take the following 2 measures: First, you can turn off the optimization parameters in the windows9x that come with the system itself, which can speed up defragmentation, but the effect may not be obvious. The other OneThe way is to use a dedicated defragmentation tool to defragment a hard disk or partition, such as the Vop99 software I'm currently using, which can defragment the disk very quickly. If we use VOP99 to defragment the disk every day, the disk will be optimized in a matter of minutes and the system will remain in optimal condition. I suggest that you use the Windows Program task program, set at least once a week to automatically run the Vop99.

Five, modify the registry to automatically turn off screen protection

steps are as follows: first, use the regedit command on the command line to open the registry, and navigate to the Hkey_current_ Usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionapplets ", and then under this path to find whether there is a" Defrag "key value, if not, create a new one, the system by default have this key value. Create a new primary key named "Settings" under the "Defrag" key, and then create a primary key named "Disablescreensaver" under this new primary key, and finally change its default string value to "YES". The system will automatically block out screen protection every time you run the Disk Defragmenter, and automatically recover after the run is complete.

Six, keep a certain amount of disk space

We will find in use that if the hard disk space is too small, the speed of running the application will be very slow, disk defragmentation is difficult to do. Therefore, for relatively small disk partitions, it is best to maintain more than 15% of the available space, for larger disk partitions, it is best to maintain more than 5% of the free space, for the boot partition, at least more than 40MB of free space. In addition, in the process of using the computer, we should release the wasted disk space in time, such as often emptying the Recycle Bin, delete the history after the Internet and delete temporary folders and files.

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