What to pay attention to when choosing a sound card

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1, think the more expensive sound card quality will certainly be good

A variety of sound card price gap is very large, from dozens of yuan to thousands of dollars have. Although "a penny a price," but at the same time is not the price of the more expensive sound card, the sound quality must be better.

At present, many sound card functions are multifaceted, in addition to the music playback, there is the game sound effect support, some high-end equipment and a variety of MIDI keyboards and other electronic music equipment support, so their high prices sometimes because they are more functional reasons. At the same time, there are specialized in the operation, some sound card is often the game sound effects of support and performance is more outstanding, and the real performance of music, sound quality is more common.

Therefore, if the user's computer requirements for the game is not very high, but want to be able to hear more high-quality music, then in the choice of more to pay attention to this point, because those nearly thousand high-end sound card, professional sound card may not be suitable for you. On the contrary, some prices at about 200 yuan products are often able to give you unexpected surprises. In particular, currently almost extinct in the market Dishing products, used to simply appreciate the music is absolutely the first choice, and one of the Dishing MX200 is one of the best. If any music lover finds it in the market, don't let go! But there is a bit of regret because Dishing quit the sound card market, its products are almost no Windows 2000 and Windows XP drivers, choose to take into account.

2, that "digital version" sound card will be able to achieve "digital"

At present, the concept of "digitization" has already been deeply rooted in the hearts of all, it seems that everything should be "digitized", "digital" must be excellent. In the sound card also appeared many labeled "digital version" of the sound card, the price of course, some more expensive. Some users in the selection of these "digital version" of the product after the thought that has realized the music play "digital." In fact, this is also a misunderstanding.

Playing a music CD with your computer is two ways: analog and digital. The former people are more familiar with. The realization of computer music playback digital Way is through the two-core digital audio signal cable connected to the CD-ROM audio interface and sound card s/p_dif input interface, at this time the digital signal bypassing the CD-ROM drive DAC, directly by the sound card for digital-analog conversion. It should be said that the music played in this way to a certain extent than the former, which is commonly referred to as the "digital version" of the "digital" playback, and this is not a digital version of the sound card (in fact, there is no CD S/p_dif input interface) does not have. But it is not simply installed "digital version" can achieve "digital" playback, the key is to use the CD s/p_dif the correct connection, if still with four-core connection analog audio interface, then or in the "digital version" sound card for analog playback.

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