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Barcodes have one-dimensional barcode and two-dimensional barcode.

① One-dimensional barcode

EAN 8 (2 or 5 digit supplement)

EAN (2 or 5 digit supplement)

Codabar (Monarch, NW-7, USD-4, 2 of 7 code)

Code Standard

Code Extended

Code Standard

Code Extended

Code 128


2/5 Datalogic,code25, 2 of 5

Code One (USD-8)

Code25, 2 of 5, ITF

Code25, 2/5 Matrix

Code25, 2/5 Industrial

Code25, 2/5 IATA

Code25, 2/5 INVERT

ITF6, ITF14 (SSC14), ITF16

ISBN (International Standard Book number)

ISSN (International Standard serial number)

ISMN (International Standard Music number)

Upc-a (with or without supplements)

UPC-E0 (with or without supplements)

Upc-e1 (with or without supplements)


PostNet (ZIP, zip+4, DPBC)

OPC (Optical Industry Association)

Ucc/ean 128

Description of some bar codes

EAN code

EAN Barcode is an international Article coding association developed a bar code, has been used in more than 90 countries and regions, EAN barcode symbol has a standard version and shortened version of two, the standard version is composed of 13 digits, shortened version is composed of 8 digits, our country joined the EAN organization in 1991.

UPC code

Like the EAN Barcode, UPC Barcode is also a kind of barcode for commodity, UPC bar code is a kind of barcode developed by the United States Unified Code Committee, mainly used in the United States and take large areas. Some of our products exported to North America have also applied for UPC barcode to meet the needs of North American area. UPC bar code has a standard version and shortened version of two, the standard version consists of 12 digits, shortened version of the 8-digit composition.

39 yards.

39 code is a strip, empty information is a discontinuous type of code, it can represent the number 0-9, letters A-Z and eight control characters (-, space,/,$,+,%,,*) 44 characters, mainly used in industry, books and automated management of bills.

KUDBA (Codebar) code:

KUDBA (Codebar) code is a kind of bar, NULL means the information of discontinuous, variable length, two-way self-test of the barcode, can represent the number 0-9, letter a-d and special characters (+,-,$,:,/,). Mainly used in medical and health, library information, materials and other fields of automatic recognition.

25 yards.

The 25 code is a discontinuous type of bar code that only represents information, each of which consists of five bars, two of which are wide, and the other is a narrow bar. Used to represent the number 0-9. The symbolic structure is shown in Figure five:

Cross 25 yards.

Cross 25-yard code is good with 25 yards, just the bar code and the interval between the information as part of the preparation of a continuous code.

② Two-dimensional barcode

One-dimensional barcode carries a limited amount of information, such as goods on the bar code can only accommodate 13 digits (EAN-13 code) Arabic numerals, more information can only rely on the support of commodity databases, leaving the pre-established database, this bar code is meaningless, so to a certain extent also limits the application of bar code. For this reason, ah 90 's invented two-dimensional barcode. Two-dimensional bar code in addition to the advantages of one-dimensional bar code, but also a large amount of information, high reliability, confidentiality, strong security and so on. From the date of birth, that is, the international community's extensive attention.

At present two-dimensional barcode mainly has PDF417 code, Code49 Code, Code 16k code, Data matxicode code and so on, mainly divides into the stacking or the layer row type and the chessboard or the matrix type two categories.

PDF417 Code: PDF417 Code is developed by the United States symbol company, is currently the most widely used a two-dimensional code.

Data Matrix code: The data matrix is used primarily for the identification of small parts in the electronics industry, such as the back of Intel's Pentium processor.

Maxi Code: Maxi Code is developed by the United Parcel Service (UPS) company for parcel sorting and tracking.

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