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As an ordinary consumer, we always want to buy products with exquisite workmanship and better quality. In the PC field, the Apple MacBook Series computer not only has the acme of workmanship, excellent quality, and the appearance design is also more fashionable, young, more in line with everyone's aesthetic needs. Because of this, Apple has a large number of loyal fans around the world, whether it is a Mac computer or an iphone. Maybe a lot of people have an iphone, but there's no Mac computer, and Apple's Mac computer is just as good as it is. For those who only own the iphone, stepping into the Apple OS X+ios Eco-Camp is an excellent choice.

So we make a summary of the price of Apple Mac computer in the mainstream electricity website, to those who want to start Apple Mac computer friends to provide fast and rich reference, so that you save the early purchase time.

The King of portability: 12-inch new MacBook

The MacBook is Apple's newest Mac-series laptop, the new MacBook uses a 12-inch screen design, the fuselage is only 13.1mm thick, weighs only 0.92kg, the machine is very portable. And the machine is equipped with the retina display, and the battery lasts for 10 hours, and the use of very low power core M processor, is ideal for frequent business trip to the performance requirements of friends to use. At present, the new MacBook 256GB capacity version of the Apple website quotes 9288 Yuan, 512GB version of 11288 Yuan, while in the Amazon Chinese prices compared to Apple's top 500 discount on the official website, so the proposal preferred to choose Amazon China.

In addition, the gold, deep air and silver three colors that Apple uses on the iphone and ipad are also used for the first time in a MacBook computer, and it is believed that gold and fearing gray are also popular. In addition to the price of Amazon China, the author also found that Jingdong mall also for the MacBook specific models have price concessions, of which the 256GB gold version price is 8888 yuan, 512GB deep empty gray price of 10888 yuan, compared to the official discount of 400 yuan.

Suitable for the crowd: high portability requirements, while not high performance requirements of the frequent mobile office and other business groups.

Mainstream preferred: Reitna MacBook Pro 13

The Retina MacBook Pro Series is your best option if you're going to buy a computer for everyday learning, or if you often need to deal with heavy work like video or a lot of pictures. Among them, the Retina MacBook Pro Series has 13 and 152 sizes, their shape is not small, 13 inches in the portability of more advantages, suitable for white-collar workers, students and most people use. Hardware, Reitna MacBook Pro 13 standard Core i5 dual-core processor, 8GB memory, 128GB solid-state drive, the battery lasted up to 10 hours, the official website quote 9288 Yuan, and Amazon China Price for 8788 Yuan, the discount up to 500 yuan, It is also recommended that Amazon China be selected first.

With the recent iphone 6s on sale, the use of 16GB as the starting capacity of the practice has aroused everyone's discussion. In fact, in the notebook computer, 128GB capacity is also worrying, so I also suggest that we try not to choose this 128GB version. The author also found that Jingdong Mall's price compared to the official website of the same discount of about 400 yuan, interested friends can pay attention to.

Suitable for the crowd: a certain performance needs, mainly used for daily learning, office use of the group.

Big screen Almighty: Reitna MacBook Pro 15

Compared to a 13-inch model, the Reitna MacBook Pro 15 has a stronger hardware performance, with a Intelcore i7 four processor, standard 16GB memory, 256GB solid-state drives, and a battery that lasts up to 9 hours, with very strong performance. For the crowd, Reitna MacBook Pro 15 is better suited for friends of large characters with high performance requirements for laptops or regular processor video. On the price side, Apple's official 14288 yuan, and Amazon China 13088 Yuan, the price difference of thousands of yuan, the proposed choice of Amazon China.

For the crowd: High performance requirements, often processing video and other large tasks of the crowd.

Neglected models: MacBook Air Series

Since the launch of the 12-inch new MacBook, there has been less attention being paid to the MacBook Air, one reason is that the new MacBook itself is highly portable, and the MacBook Air has no retina screen compared to the 12-inch MacBook. And the 11-inch MacBook Air portability is also less than the 12-inch MacBook, which allows a laptop-focused friend to gradually turn to a 12-inch new MacBook. In addition, the appearance of Apple MacBook Air has not changed for many years, which also let many netizens feel disappointed.

Now, the MacBook Air, because of its relatively low price, often becomes a model chosen by friends who don't have enough budget to buy a 12-inch MacBook. In terms of price, the MacBook Air is 11 to 5758 yuan, and the MacBook Air is 13 lower to 6383 yuan, much cheaper than the new MacBook. At the same time, the MacBook Air series has a high portability compared to other models, so the MacBook Air at this stage is better suited to friends who don't have much to ask for retina screens or have limited budgets.

For the crowd: the pursuit of frivolous, portable, but the budget is not enough or to the retina screen not cold crowd.

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The above is the recent MacBook Computer price summary, you can see that the price of Apple products relatively stable, if you fancy which paragraph, you can directly start. At the same time, in the near future to catch up with the Intel Skylake processor replacement period, and the Apple MacBook when the update has no clear time, not too concerned about the friends may wish to start directly.

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