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Ogg is a free and open standard container format, maintained by the Xiph.org Foundation. The OGG format is not limited by software patents and is designed to efficiently stream media and handle high-quality digital multimedia.

"Ogg" means a file format that can be incorporated into a wide variety of free and open source codecs, including sound, video, text (like subtitles) and metadata processing.

In the OGG multimedia framework, the Theora provides a lossy image layer, often with a music-oriented Vorbis codec as an audio level. Compression codec for speech design Speex and lossless sound compression codec FLAC and OGGPCM may also be used as sound levels.

The term "Ogg" usually refers to the Ogg Vorbis the audio file format, which is the format in which the Vorbis encoded sound is included in the Ogg container. In the past,. ogg this extension was used in any Ogg support format, but in 2007, the Xiph.org Foundation, for the sake of backward compatibility, made a request that the. ogg be used only in the Vorbis format. The Xiph.org Foundation has decided to create new extensions and media formats to describe different types of content, such as those used only for sound effects. OGA, contains or does not contain sound of movies (covers Theora). OGV and programs used. OGX.

Xiph.org Foundation for Ogg reference implementation, the latest version is the March 26, 2010 release of the Libogg 1.2.0. Another version of LIBOGG2 can also be found in the Xiph.org Foundation's SVN repository. Both of these libraries are free software released under the new BSD license.

Because of its free format, and its reference implementation is not copyleft form, regardless of free or proprietary, commercial or non-commercial media players, and even some manufacturers of portable media players and GPS receivers have adopted a ogg of various codecs.

MP3 is a lossy compression format, so the compressed data is lost compared to the standard CD music. Vorbis is also lossy compression, but by using more advanced acoustic models to reduce losses, the same bit-rate (bit Rate)-encoded OGG sounds better than MP3. In addition, there is a reason that the MP3 format is protected by patents. If you want to use the MP3 format to publish your work, you need to pay Fraunhofer (the invention MP3 Company) royalties. And Vorbis has no such problem at all. For fans, the obvious advantage of using OGG files is that they can achieve superior sound quality with smaller files. Moreover, since Ogg is completely open and free, the production of Ogg files will not be subject to any patent restrictions and is expected to receive a large number of encoders and players. This is why MP3 encoders are now so small and mostly commercial software because Fraunhofer charge royalties.

Advantages 1:ogg Vorbis's sound quality and MP3 equals

Because Vorbis uses a completely different mathematical principle than MP3, the challenges of compressing music are different. In the listening test, the same bit rate encoded Vorbis and MP3 files have the same sound quality.

If two files are encoded with the same bit rate and CBR (constant bit rate, which means that the file is a bit rate from start to finish), they must be of the same size. The current Vorbis is a VBR (can

The modification rate is encoded so that OGG files can be smaller, because the VBR method can handle the audio data that can be compressed substantially (such as silent time) and save space. Vorbis can encode at what bit rate?

Theoretically, there is no fixed bit rate. The Vorbis is designed to encode at the bit rate of the 16kbps~128kbps/channel. However, the specification does not limit the encoding of the file to 512kbps or 8kbps.

Benefits 2:ogg Vorbis supports MP3-like ID3 information

The Vorbis format includes a flexible and complete comment bar that can be used to fill in a variety of related information.

Benefits 3:ogg Vorbis format supports streaming playback

Audio streaming is an important part of Vorbis. The Vorbis format is based on the ease with which streaming can be done from the beginning of design. Also, Vorbis's designers are working with icecast streaming software creators to make Icecast compatible with Vorbis.

Advantages 4:ogg Vorbis avoids trivial operations like the ID3 tag of a MP3 file

Vorbis has a well-designed, flexible annotation to avoid trivial operations like the ID3 tag of a MP3 file; Vorbis also has bit-rate scaling: You can adjust the bit rate of a file without recoding it. The Vorbis file can be divided into small pieces and edited with a sample size; Vorbis supports multiple channels; Vorbis files can be connected in a logical manner, and so on.

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