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2014 Spring Festival from January 16 onwards, at the end of 2013, the annual final ticket fight is ready to open curtain. Since the start of the Internet purchase ticket that moment, it is doomed to queue from the window to buy the day is gone. Many have been robbed of the ticket "battlefield", repeatedly encountered the failure of netizens have said that the use of ticket-grabbing plug-ins are sometimes not reliable, and can rob the train ticket seems to need to spell character.

Combined with the various types of ticket-related tools introduced this year, the author here will be a number of ticket-grabbing tools, through the system platform to divide the PC, mobile phones and flat panels, and other modes, personally to experience, actually this year, so many software, can help us to successfully grab the train ticket.

 Grab the Ticket tool Evolution grab ticket substance unchanged

Many netizens pointed out that many browser's ticket-grabbing plug-ins, limited restrictions, blocked the ban, actually effective has not been much, this year to buy a train more difficult.

In fact, ticket-grabbing Plug-ins are limited this is a fact, but throughout this year's changes, in addition to the Internet giants, there are many start-ups aiming at the peak of the railway passenger flow, with the ticket app joined the "Spring Festival Rush Ticket" of the large force. In the big Army, the app portal has become another new continent used by plug-ins this year.

Browser plug-ins based on the function, the expansion of the new path, the browser grab tickets to improve the plug-in, and finally was developed into a separate embedded function, is the choice of many browsers this year. For example, train tickets can be made by the browser's advance booking, recent hints and even the direct third party grab ticket platform to build.

However, the fierce competition in providing users with more choices, is indeed helping 12306 continuous improvement. From the initial basic can not landing, to now open to pay treasure, the introduction of mobile clients, support automatic brush tickets, such as advanced functions. 12306 are already trying to use "internet thinking" to sell tickets.

 12306 new version of the automatic brush ticket function

12306 Automatic refresh Query service launched by oneself

This year 12306 New edition official on-line, one of the biggest bright spot is realizes the automatic to brush the ticket. The use of the method is very simple, is in the "check" ticket before the "check" under the "Open automatic inquiry", so as to achieve the function of automatic brush ticket.

  Baidu Guardian plug-in grab ticket

Baidu guards Rob Ticket process

Baidu guards Rob ticket belongs to the crisp type, simply "fill in the information → a key grab ticket → quick payment" three steps can be done. The tool is simple, second-level grab tickets, fully automatic operation, no verification code, grab a ticket to complete a key.

Traditional browser plugin Grab ticket

Browser-built ticket-grabbing platform

Successfully grabbed the train ticket waiting to be paid

Can be divided into two aspects to analyze the 2013 PC-side grab train ticket tools.

First, this year, the 12306 official website launched its own research and development of the "Automatic Brush ticket" function, this automatic brush ticket function, perhaps also 12306 have been aware of the need for this function, the intention to some essential functions "Fuzheng". And this does not ache does not itch the function to the user to be able to play a very big role? This is the only people to try it in person;

Second, a variety of various kinds of ticket-grabbing plug-ins, in fact, in a certain sense are limited, especially in the 12306 new version of the ticketing interface after the launch, it seems that the browser plug-ins broken back door. However, there is a mountain high, the strength of the software manufacturers have launched a self-built ticket-grabbing interface. For example, Baidu defender launched the ticket-grabbing plug-in, is a typical independent ticket-grabbing tool, eliminating the use of the browser to rob the middle of the ticket (account login, authentication code input and page jump waiting to wait) straight hit second kill train tickets; 360 secure browsers, you continue to use the browser platform, But this time instead of the browser plug-in official this embedded self-build ticket system.

At present, the PC side of these ticket-related functions, plug-in tools, can successfully help us grab the train tickets.

 12306 Official launches Mobile version

"Railway 12306" is the official mobile phone ticketing application software launched by China Railway Customer Service center, share user, order and ticket information with 12306 websites, and use the uniform ticketing business rules, the software has ticket booking, online payment, change sign, refund, order inquiry, common contact management, personal data modification, Password modification and other functions, for the vast number of users with convenient and efficient mobile phone tickets to buy a new experience.

12306 Mobile phone version of the whole process of snatching tickets

From the 12306 mobile phone version of the process of robbing tickets, and the use of 12306 Web pages in fact, there is no difference.

Seize the ticket premise: do not believe that your mobile phone 2G or even 3G speed is how fast, at least in the ticket to the matter, I suggest that you or traditional little good, choose a more stable bandwidth WiFi network. In order to ensure that the first mobile phone in the network, it will not be lost to PC PC or other users to rob tickets together.

"Buy train Tickets" easy booking for iphone customers

After several of the above iphone train ticket booking client booking experience, I can quickly buy train tickets. And this time 12306 of the official mobile phone client is also expected to meet the demand for a large number of booking users, this is the netizen often ridicule, 12306 finally use the "internet thinking" to sell tickets.

  The ticket-taking alternate is also to force

In fact, since last year, the development of tablet computer booking application has been a bit of a sign. This year, the tablet end of the ticket application is gradually more, it is not difficult to understand, for software developers, since there is a mobile phone robbery software as the basis, on this basis to build a flat-end app application, presumably also is not a matter of trouble.

App Store emerges with all kinds of ticket-grabbing apps

Compared with the previous year, the iOS tablet ipad as an example, in the App Store, this year's ticket-grabbing app indeed a lot more, and the author also carefully selected a few to experience, the effect of the ticket is really good.

12306 Booking Assistant Booking interface

The final Payment link

The ipad customer's ticket-grabbing platform, the candidate for the ticket, has done a good job, and has successfully booked a train ticket 5 minutes before and after. Payment links according to the corresponding bank selection can be, but the author here compared to recommend users to use credit cards, or opened the phone to pay the function of the card to pay, so as not to ensure that the order can be successfully completed.

Above, the author has been in PC, tablet and mobile phones and other three different platforms under the different train tickets. Compared, in fact, in the above several different ways, the author experienced, in the booking effect is still good, the effect is more reliable.

Back to business, now more and more Internet companies to participate in the ticket to the war, the means of ticket to become diversified, such as the previous mentioned PC, mobile phone, phone grab ticket tools, purchasing platform and so on.

In fact, in other words, "The Spring Festival Rush ticket" has become a very good opportunity, as long as the ticket product is done, this thing seems to be logically become the major Internet companies to promote products, branding a trump card.

Internet Grab Tickets

  Computer/tablet/mobile multi-platform open and grab

In previous years, the 12306 official website, in the peak of the ticket, often appear that kind of special frustration of things, that is, the server is overcrowded. I think that this is the ultimate cause of the user failed to rob the "culprit."

Use your iphone to grab tickets

And the realization of multiple platforms to rob the ticket, just to ease the pressure. If the user is unavoidable in the peak period during the booking, then you can now one hand control the mouse, the other hand mobile phone, of course, you can also find a friend to help you master your tablet computer, multi-party intervention to grab tickets.

So, in this way, whether the odds of a ticket is much larger, and not only limited to 12306 of the online train ticket snapped. Now it seems that, in such a wide-caliber, multi-device support, I believe that to rob a ticket home, the train must be a reliable thing.

 Software tool realizes the essence of ticket-grabbing function

Traditional ticket-grabbing software is done through browsers or Third-party plug-ins, more manual input, especially in the input verification code, two of the input of the verification code will cause at least 5 seconds of time loss, and the face of tens of thousands of people or even hundreds of thousands of people snapped up the popular train, very likely in a few seconds, enough to make ticket snapped. Therefore, with "automatic operation", "Intelligent Input Verification Code", "Speed loading" is almost plug-in research and development technology must reach the high point.

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