What's going on with the computer boot-ringing?

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The memory problem is causing the system program to not run and the shutdown is ringing. The inside access out and then plug in well, should be good, if not bad that is the memory is bad

Award BIOS alarm and Meaning:

1 Short system normal start

2 short general error, just go into the Comos setting to modify

1 Long 1 short memory or motherboard error

1 long 2 short keyboard controller error

1 long 3 short video card or monitor error

1 long 9 short motherboard BIOS damage

Persistent long sound memory problem

Continuous short sound power supply, display The viewer or sound card is not connected.

Duplicate short audible power failure

BIOS alert and meaning for AMI

1 short memory flush failed

2 short memory ECC error

3 short 640KB general memory check Failed

4 short system clock error

5 short CPU error

7 short system Real mode error, cannot switch to protected mode

8 short Memory error

9 short BIOS detection error

1 long 3 short Memory error

1 long 8 short display test error

Following is a complex

computer self-test sound and troubleshooting

Computer boot run self-test the correct words will give a short, crisp "drip" sound, if the hardware is faulty, the machine will be ringing constantly , know the meaning of the ring combination, can quickly judge the computer hardware failure.

This is an example of a computer with more common three BIOS (award BIOS, AMI BIOS, and Phoenix BIOS). Describes the specific meaning of the Post Bell Code (the BIOS model used for the computer can be seen from the BIOS chip or from post information (generally in a combination of letters and numbers below the computer screen), as in the case of the AMI BIOS , if you see the award typeface is the award BIOS).

First, award bios self-test Bell meaning:

1 Short: The system starts normally. Congratulations, there's nothing wrong with your machine.

2 short: General error, go to CMOS setup and reset the incorrect option.

1 long 1 short: RAM or motherboard error. Try another memory, if not, have to replace the motherboard.

1Length 2 short: monitor or display card error.

1 Long 3 short: Keyboard controller error. Check the motherboard.

1 Long 9 short: motherboard Flash RAM or EPROM error, bios damage. Try the flash RAM for another piece.

keeps ringing (long sound): The memory strip is not plugged in or damaged. Reseat the memory bar, if still not, only replace one memory. The

keeps ringing: the power supply, the monitor is not connected to the display card. Check all the plugs.

Repeat the short sound: there is a problem with the power supply.

No sound is displayed: There is a problem with the power supply.

Second, the AMI bios self-test Bell meaning:

1 short: Memory flush failed. Replace the memory strips.

2 short: Memory ECC more error. The option to disabled memory about ECC checksums in CMOS setup can be resolved, but the most fundamental solution is to replace a single memory.

3 Short: System basic Memory (1th 64kB) check failed. Swap memory.

4 Short: System clock error.

5 Short: central processing unit (CPU) error.

6 Short: Keyboard controller error.

7 short: System Real mode error, cannot switch to protected mode.

8 Short: Memory error displayed. There is a problem with memory, try replacing the video card.

9 short: ROM BIOS check and error.

1 Long 3 short: Memory error. Memory is damaged and can be replaced.

1 Long 8 short: Displays a test error. The monitor data cable is not plugged in or the display card is not in a good cell.

Phoenix bios self-test Bell meaning:

Self test Bell

Self test bell meaning

Self test Bell

Self test bell meaning

1 short

System boot normal

1 short 1 short 1 short

System power initialization failed

1 short 1 short 2 short

Motherboard error

1 short 1 short 3 short

CMOS or battery invalid

1 short 1 short 4 short

ROM BIOS Checksum error

1 short 2 short 1 short

System clock Error

1 short 2 short 2 short

DMA initialization failed

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