What's the effect of the win key?

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which key is the win key on the keyboard?

The win key is in the lower left corner of the keyboard of the computer, and the key with the Microsoft logo in the middle of the CTRL key and the ALT key is the win key, as shown in the following keyboard diagram:

Win key

Win key

The role of the win key does not know many friends, especially in the XP system many friends actually treat it as a device, with Win7 and WIN8 system on the computer efficiency of the continuous optimization, win key role is more and more, such as fast open the Run command box and so on the practical win key combination is very convenient and quick,

What's the use of the win key?

Win key is a common key, in the win XP, Win7 and WIN8 system Many can be passed, but in the later version of Microsoft gave the win key more features, especially in the WIN8 system many operations can be achieved by virtue of the win key combination.

Win key

What's the win button for?

First, let's look at the common features of the win key in Win XP, Win7, and WIN8 systems:

Win shows or hides the Start menu.

WIN+D Displays the desktop.

Win+m minimize All windows.

Win+shift+m restores the minimized window.

Win+e Open "My Computer" or "explorer".

Win+f search for files or folders.

Win+ctrl+f Search the computer.

WIN+F1 displays Windows Help and Support Center.

Win+l If you are connected to a network domain, lock the computer and, if you are not connected to a network domain, switch users (when there are multiple users).

Win+r opens the Run dialog box.

Win7 system win key role Daquan (most also suitable for WIN8, you can test yourself)

Win + space (SPACEBAR)

Transparently all windows on the desktop (and mouse to the lower right corner of the desktop).

Win + Home

Minimizes windows other than the current work window (as with shaking the current window).

Win +↑ on the arrow keys

Maximize the current working window (and drag the window with the mouse to the top of the screen function).

Shift + Win +↑ up ARROW keys

Maximizes the current working window in vertical direction only, with the horizontal width unchanged.

Win +↓ down ARROW keys

Minimize window/restore previously maximized current work window.

Win + M

Minimizes the current window of work.

Win + Left/right ARROW keys

Separate the windows to the left and right sides of the screen (and drag the window to the left and right edges).

SHIFT + Win + Left/right arrow

If you have an external dual monitor, you can move the window to the left and right screen, respectively.

Win + 0~9 Number key

Turn on the software that corresponds to the sequential numbers on the toolbar, from left to right in order for win+1 to Win+9 and win+0. For example, the current Win7 desktop at the bottom of the toolbar from left to right 7th icon is word, press "win+7" can open the Word software window.

Win + (+ +)

Turn on Windows7 and zoom out

Win + Tab

Turn on the FLIP3D task switching feature, and you can also implement the Aero window folding effects of the Win7 interface.

Which is the win key?

Aero window Folding effects on the Win7 interface

Win + P

External display (such as projector) output settings (computer only, copy, expand, projector only)

Win7 Four display modes

Win + U

Open the Easy Access Center in Control panel

Win + Break

Open Control Panel System Properties

There are also some shortcuts and WinXP in the same, we should be more familiar with.

Win + D shows the desktop, minimizing all windows

Win + E Open Explorer

Win + F Open Explorer search results

Win + L Lock computer, return to login window

In the Win7 and WIN8 systems, Win+r Open the Run dialog box believe it is the most people see it, we need to enter the registry or System Configuration center often need to press Win+r to open the Run Command box, and then enter various commands into such as the registry, cmd command box, etc., in the WIN8 system, Win key in addition to the general features described above, can also be in metro mode, press WIN+L combination shortcut pop-up logout interface, and then click on the lower right corner of the "power" button to choose the shutdown, so as to achieve Win8 fast shutdown, in addition to the early WIN8 Control Panel many rookie friends can not find, But we can quickly find the control panel by pressing the Win+i key, these sometimes appear quite practical, in addition to the WIN8 system in the win key role there are many, these people can go to read more computer Pepsi Network WIN8 skills to dig slowly.

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