When a website is operated and a new function is added, which of the following problems can be easily ignored?

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1. index in the data architecture. New functions are indispensable for adding tables. However, in the design and planning stage, the idea is to create a table structure. Few developers can consider the performance issues and the concentration of business queries. A senior developer will consider where the performance bottleneck of new features may exist? Sometimes the easiest way to solve this bottleneck is to create an index.

2 Seo. Junior developers often have limited Seo knowledge, but Seo only pays attention to some details, such as customizable title, description, keywords on each page, and keywords that require competition for each collection page (Channel homepage, list homepage), so these competitions cannot conflict. Also, the page links are often similar to www.cyzone.cn/article.aspx? Id = 1234, but this is no benefit to Seo. Similar to the blog garden, there should be a custom link. There is also the readability of the link, and it should not be too long, in line with the website's link planning architecture. This independent sub-station is an independent sub-station. If the content is too small and it does not support independent second-level domains, it is best to make the directory of the main station so as to get the transfer weight.

3. KPI measurement after function launch. Many times, before a small company develops a function, the company does not have a product manager, and no one will set a KPI for this product. If KPI is not fixed, I don't know whether this function meets expectations after it is launched. It is good or bad, and it depends on the feeling. Therefore, we must consider how to measure this function during development. When the function is measured in good or bad ways, it is related to different functions. Some of them increase PV, increase interaction, and users generate content. In some cases, we need to pay attention to the collection of data before the launch of new features. For example, if a new comment module is launched, do users prefer to comment. Whether the new version of the user registration process improves the user's conversion rate, the previous conversion rate data must be collected first. There are many ways to collect this data. You can use a program to analyze Web server logs and use the built-in program for analysis. However, the simplest method is to use a third-party statistical software, baidu statistics and Google analysis are recommended. The two analysis software complement each other. Baidu statistics can use Baidu heat map and link diagram to analyze the focus of users after the page is revised. Are users more willing to stay on this page. Google's analysis can be more customized to analyze data. For example, to add the article sharing function, you need to know which articles are most frequently shared and which sharing channels are most frequently used. You can use trackevent events to track clicks.

4. The Internet focuses on fast iteration. If this function doesn't work, you can immediately turn around and create another one. You cannot die on a tree or even the failure of this function, you can also analyze the failure location, next version, next function, and how to improve the data. In this way, the website cannot emphasize performance too much and the reconstruction code too much. In short, grasp the 2/8 principle, and time is better than everything else. However, you must pay attention to security. The technical boss must do a good job of code review and security check. XSS and SQL Injection check are essential.



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