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In my last essay, published a number of regrets, put a good programmer do not do, career change to do the sale, did not expect, have several friends to my message, discuss how to change to do sales. Here I would like to talk about my own ideas, but also to some of the more successful predecessors to learn some experience.

I think for those who are still working on the programmer's job, if you have plans or ideas to do sales, there are a few things to pay attention to, after all, salespeople and programmers are completely different two occupations, two different professional status.

First, the difference in income.

In fact, in my opinion, the difference in income consists of two concepts, the first is the difference in income patterns, it can be said that most programmers are dead wages, or occasionally some project bonuses, and then at the end of the year, give you a symbolic rise, unless the company's core developers or technical cattle, Otherwise, basically, a fixed income per month, more and less than where little and less, and the sales staff is different, basically depends on the performance of the speech, the company to examine the way slightly different, the form of a single Commission is not the same, but all income without exception and performance linked to sign more income, So often the income gap between the months will be relatively large. The second is the difference in the number of income, especially for just from the programmer to become a sales person, rarely very fast into the state of the list, there will be an adaptation period, the adaptation period of the signing is often not much, then this time often can only get basic wages, for the programmer when the stable and not high not low income, is not a small challenge. Once you get started, the growth rate should be faster than the programmer. If it's been a long time since you found yourself still unable to get started, it's recommended that you consider doing other jobs.

Second, the working time and the nature are different.

The biggest feature of programmers is what. Work overtime. I think you reader don't have a few different idea, and you have seen a few salespeople also so overtime. Of course, not that programmers do not have time to rest, salespeople do not work overtime. When a programmer scratching desperately to work overtime for a feature, perhaps the salesman is somewhere with customers to drink, a fierce irrigation, get all over the body is not a taste of alcohol, drink the stomach inside boil no place to vent, but also face smiles, thinking about the second half and where the client happy he can be satisfied. Also sometimes when the programmer at home chatting bubble mm, perhaps your salesman is the company overnight overtime to prepare tender documents, because the next day to rush to bid, and the customer sent the mark only gave two days of preparation time.

Each occupation has its own difficulties, so when the programmer wants to become a salesman, it is necessary to change the position of thinking, if the salesman, that life you can bear it.

But generally speaking, the salesman in time than the programmer to be more well-off, after all, the assessment is to sign the singular to speak rather than the workload to speak, hehe.

Third, customers look at your vision is different.

When we are programmers, or project managers, customers always take you as an expert, when the teacher, when the engineer to see, you say that the technical things, customers will often seriously consider, after all, have not seen a few programmers Santio everywhere cheat. And once you've made a career as a salesman, is completely another thing, although the technology is also very proficient, do not need your project manager level is poor, but, in the eyes of customers, you first is a sales staff, followed by a technical expert, so you say every word, customers often first not from technical considerations, It is often thought that it is to sell your product to be so introduced. So in the eyes of customers, you do the programmer's time to establish an expert image, the teacher image will be greatly discounted.

Four, the mentality of the work is different.

We often see Microsoft engineers on the Internet, Google engineers how comfortable the working environment, how casual, can have flexible working hours, can play basketball in the company, and even can keep pets in the company, but have you ever thought of their sales staff? Are their salespeople so cozy? I think most of these are for engineers, their sales staff are mostly in the outside suit and the customer to negotiate the details of the contract, where there is so random. And there is a very important point, customers will not play with your flexible work, about good points, a minute can not be late, otherwise there is no credit performance, in the customer seriously once have a bad image, and then want to sign a bill is difficult.

Five, the mentality of a person is different.

After jumping out of the programmer's circle, looking back at the programmer and thinking that most programmers are naïve, it doesn't mean that the programmer is trying to put most of their energy into improving their own programs, or that they're spending endless projects, There is no time to consider so many people's truth, so often inadvertently offend others, they do not know, if you encounter a better mentality, will not care about, know the programmer, just like that. If you encounter a bad mentality, give you a grudge, it is more miserable, the consequences, it is difficult to predict.

It's different to be a salesman, you have to think about these things, do customers often care whether the competitor to rob a single, partners have any other action, the customer should always be careful to speak, pay attention to every detail, know how to look at the color, do not want every word is so pleasant, but must not offend customers, Otherwise, customers want to talk to others about the contract, you still cheerfully in the dark, every day to the customer side of the fart run.

How do programmers do sales? I also did not understand that these are just my career change to do some of the feelings of sales since, I hope to be able to change careers have not turned to a little help, but also please give me some help prawns, say some of their views and experience.

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