When reloading the system, convert the MBR partition to a GPT partition

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First figure out what is MBR partition table, what is GPT disk?

(1) MBR and GPT are two different disk types, the main difference is the different partition structure and partitioning method. GPT is a new type of hard drive that has emerged in recent years.

(2) GPT (globally Unique Identifier Partition Table Format) is a disk partitioning scheme used by the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) in Itanium-based computers. GPT has a number of advantages over the master boot record (MBR) partitioning method because it allows up to 128 partitions per disk, supports up to 18,000 megabytes of volume size, allows the primary and backup disk partition tables to be used for redundancy, and supports unique disk and partition IDs (GUIDs).

(3) MBR features: Supports a maximum volume of 2 TB (terabytes) and each disk has a maximum of 4 primary partitions (or 3 primary partitions, an extended partition and unlimited logical drives);

GPT features: Supports a maximum volume of EB (exabytes) and a maximum of 128 partitions per disk. Unlike MBR partitioned disks, critical platform operational data is located in partitions, not in non-partitioned or hidden sectors. In addition, GPT partition disks have redundant primary and backup partition tables to improve the integrity of partitioned data structures.

From the current big data trend, GPT disk will gradually replace the MBR disk, the old machine only support MBR, now buy new machine support GPT disk.

Then the above dialog box, you can determine the original system is MBR partition method, and now the system to install based on Uefi mode, can only be installed on the GPT disk, that is, the disk type is not correct, so it cannot be installed. The solution is to convert the type of the hard disk from MBR to GPT and install it.

So how do I convert to a GPT disk? (The simplest way is to use the system-provided DiskPart tool)

First, start the computer with the Windows installation disk, to the following interface, press SHIFT+F10, will start the CMD with Administrator rights:

after entering the CMD program, enter the following command:

1.diskpart (Start diskpart program)

2.list disk (see which disks are in your computer)

3.select Disk 0 (select the disks with the number 0 selected)

4.clean (clears all partitions on the disk)

5.convert GPT (convert disk to GPT format)

6.list partition (view current disk partition condition)

7.create partition EFI size=100 (default size M)

8.create partition msr size =128

9.create partition primary size =102400 (here you want to set the size of the C drive)

10. Two-time input exit

Here is OK, again into the installation interface select just assigned C drive to install.

When reloading the system, convert the MBR partition to a GPT partition

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