Where does the VPS log in?

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From the beginning of contact with the network to now I have built a lot of websites, but the site's space has been used is a virtual host, VPS has never been used, also do not know how to use, until yesterday a friend rented a VPS server, but he will not install the program, let me help install. But I even landing vps do not know, and then after his guidance and I check the relevant information on the VPS is also known to know, this article small knitting with you learn how to land VPS from where? And the use of VPS.

VPS is different from the virtual host with an FTP account password landing space to manage, the virtual host is a you can always use FTP to upload or download modify data. But the VPS can not use FTP, he is a fully free operation of the host space, he has a greater operational authority.

After you buy a VPS, the VPS provider will give you a remote login password, which is one such as the following:


Operating system: Windows Server 2003


Initial login user name: Administrator

Initial login Password: i#######


He simply told you what the VPS system, of course, this system is you can choose before the purchase, you want to liinux he will install Linux for you, you want to Windows he will install Windows for you. Then your independent IP, remote login account and password. And you can use the VPS for the time limit.

With this you can immediately login to the VPS for management.

Where does the VPS land?

In the beginning of the run (or the computer's win key +r) in the run input mstsc, as shown in the figure

Enter your IP address in the dialog box that pops up

The dialog box that appears as shown in the diagram is selected

And wait a minute. The time of the reaction will enter the window that allows you to enter your account password.

You can log in to the control Panel of your VPS by filling in the password of the space provider to your account.

When you go in, you can find that the VPS Control Panel is the normal desktop used by our computer.

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