Where is the excel2007 freeze window?

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On the web, there are a lot of problems with excel2007 freezing windows. In fact, the excel2007 freeze window should be precisely: excel2007 Freeze pane, because, use this function is can freeze a row, a column or other form of window, so that the data is not modified to achieve the purpose. Below, together to see how excel2007 freeze Windows!

Excel2007 freeze a row by freezing the window horizontally:

1, if you want to freeze a row, first need to select the line below it. The simple thing is: if we need to freeze the "A2" line now, then we have to select the "A3" line (pictured below).


2, then go to the View tab, click Freeze pane in the Window option group, and choose Freeze split panes from the following menu!


After setting the freezing window, we can see that there is a line in the "A2". (pictured below)

Excel2007 freeze a row method for vertical freezing of a window:

Excel vertical The same method of freezing, this is skipped.

excel2007 Freeze Horizontal, vertical (row, and column) methods while freezing a window:

I do not know if you have found that in the above method we cannot fix "a row and a column", either freeze a row, or freeze a column. Here's how to fix "a row and a column" at the same time.

How do we want to freeze "A2 rows" and "A1 columns" now, as in the following illustration?


1, click the mouse to select the "B3" cell, and then click the View--"Frozen pane--" Frozen split pane on it.

2, set the freezing window will appear after two black lines, which proves that the OK, the following figure.

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