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Yaohua craft Lenovo Yoga 5 Pro

Lenovo has held the YOGA series of new product launch this September 21 this year, YOGA 5 Pro has been unveiled after the appearance of the anticipation, and recently opened the equipment in the East Beijing starting. As the fifth generation of the YOGA family, the YOGA 5 Pro is a perfect combination of performance and beauty values, using Intel's newest generation of Kabylake core I processors, under a lightweight look. At present, Lenovo Yoga 5 Pro official landing, now up to 26th to participate in the appointment, booking purchase price of only 8999 yuan, buy machine that send new beauty computer bag.

YOGA 5 Pro continues the lightweight design, but the machine has been reduced to 14.3mm and light to 1.38kg. The whole machine adopts the integrated aluminum fuselage design, which is durable, and the appearance is more simple and fashionable. At the same time, the machine is equipped with a classic bracelet-type shaft design, built-in smart antenna system, can detect the user's use mode, to ensure that the signal undisturbed.

Lenovo Yoga 5 Pro in configuration, Lenovo Yoga 5 Pro? With Intel's latest generation Kabylake core I processor, this starter is configured as a i5 processor, with a 8G memory +512SSD high speed hard drive, compared to the previous generation of processor performance and graphics processing capabilities, Ensure the speed of running at the same time to provide users with greater storage space. The machine realizes the three-sided ultra narrow border, the screen side width only has 4.95mm, the screen occupies the ratio achieves 81.5%, enables the 13 inch fuselage to bring the user 14 inch screen experience.

Lenovo Yoga 5 Pro machine in the heat dissipation of the use of wing fan technology, is the world's thinnest metal fan. At the same time, the original composite graphite film (Hybrid film) auxiliary heat dissipation, multi-layer nano-graphite and 0 thermal conductivity of the perfect combination of heat insulation, effective temperature, protect the performance of the play. Lenovo Yoga 5 Pro is still outstanding in terms of endurance, with a 1080P screen duration of up to 15.5 hours.

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