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Advertising | Network more and more advertising to the network media, this trend will continue to develop for a long time, newspapers in different markets will face such a fact. What is worth studying is what sort of ads go to the network.

I. Recruitment advertisement

American newspapers have seen such a grim reality. The share of advertising in the newspaper fell from 47% of total advertising in 1996 to 38% at the end of 2002. At the same time, job ads for Web services rose from 1.5% in 1996 to 18.1% at the end of 2002, expanding almost 12 times times.

Many governments are assessing whether it is appropriate for them to publish public-sector advertisements in newspapers. Some people suggest that the government should set up its own website for recruiting, such as recruiting social security and health care staff. This will save taxpayers ' money and provide a diverse and accessible Web site to the public.

Job ads are the bulk of classified ads, for many newspapers, the most important part of advertising is the recruitment of ads, but the occupation of advertising is precisely the first from the print media to the network media of an advertising category. This is different in the national survey because of the different countries ' Internet development situation.

On the one hand, surprisingly and pessimistic, "by 2008, 10% of classified ads will be absorbed by the web," the prediction was based on the findings of a European investigative agency, Forrester, according to its own survey, which was asserted in the light of the 2001 development trend. In fact, the study has found that, in 2004 alone, the ad market's share of classified ads in the Internet media has reached 10%. The pace of development is much faster than expected.

In which market the use of the Internet is high and frequently used, the network media there is likely to get more classified ads. About half of the 16% advertising revenues lost by the print media were absorbed by the newspaper's own web site. Some of the nation's most influential newspapers are more likely to be exposed to advertising revenue in the area of job advertising than local papers.

Ii. Advertising of personal affairs

The results show that some kinds of advertisements have obvious signs of movement in the market research. The loss of classified advertising in print media is mainly concentrated in the field of personal advertising, such as grocery ads and personal sales advertisements. Advertising in these areas is clearly directed to network media that can perform special services. For example, the famous websites in North America and most Western European countries, ebay, which specializes in personal-goods auctions, have attracted a large number of classified ads that were originally published in newspapers. Some websites are currently advertised as free, and this is also the case in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia, where development is not yet perfect.

"The personal advertising market is a huge challenge to the classified advertising market for newspapers," said Nait Fliedrich Ramsted, director of advertising sales at the Evening Post, a famous Norwegian daily. We have seen a decline in the share of the newspaper in this market, as the Internet has adopted a low price advertising policy. ”

"The loss of classified ads in the daily newspaper comes from free newspapers, and they advertise, especially ads like ' I have a bike to sell '," said Calorin Lilius, director of marketing at Helsinki News, the Finnish daily. Such services have led to a steep reduction in classified advertising in other newspapers.

Iii. Car and real estate advertising

Car and real estate advertising has always been an important type of advertising in classified ads. Car or real estate ads, such as the one from a relatively small professional advertisers, these advertisers can integrate the ads into the internet media. The US Real Estate Association, for example, has set up a website that has become the toughest opponent in the newspaper. In a number of newspaper surveys, newspaper real estate advertising has averaged 25%, which is among the highest in the survey of all types of advertising.

The loss of classified ads is closely related to the development of network media. Like South America, where the Internet is not well developed, the market for online advertising is still small, many free, and part of print media advertising. Network classified advertising has not yet formed a scale.

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