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The new 2014 is coming, the annual ticket-grabbing games will also be kicked off! Tiero has been on the New Year's Eve on the line of the new 12306 purchase tickets page, and bring the official nature of the ticket function. But compared to the familiar with the ticket-grabbing plug-ins, it is still too weak. Summing up the relevant experience in previous years, we know in advance, so that in order to win in the new ticket competition, peace of mind to set foot on the Road home! What good is a ticket to the software? Small series today made a summary, we can download each one.

Best recommended


Reason: Official production, security assurances.

One of the reasons for recommending 12306 first is that it is his official nature, and ... A few minutes before the release of the amendment Code Shield grab ticket plug-ins. 12306 in recent years to grab a ticket to fight the strength of the plug-in is more and more, Plug-ins are also the author of the game update, if you are afraid to put the ticket that will modify the code to cause plug-ins can not use, then choose the Official Bar! If you are not a conservative and want to take the sword slant, then continue to look down!

Grab the Ticket browser

Cheetah, 360, Sogou, Chrome

Every year, the browser will launch a special version of the ticket, this year is no exception. And this year also launched a new service-purchasing! To put it simply is to help us buy, do not need us to keep the computer.

The cheetah should be the loudest of the "sound", in addition to the special version of the ticket, and "I want to buy a ticket network" cooperation on behalf of the ticket service, users can submit orders 30 days in advance, by "I want to buy a ticket net" in 12306 to put the votes of future generations to rob. Although not hundred cent buys the ticket, but the Jiabuzhu and it's free to send insurance, Maximum 100,000 compensation!

360 aspects and Cheetah similar, grab ticket Special edition and Purchase ticket service, others call "second generation grab ticket" platform, listen to a little bit more than the cheetah, and there are off-line grab ticket function, simply weak burst! The partner is "iron friend". See the upper left corner of the "home league" it!? It's strong enough!

Sogou is the introduction of a plug-in and grab ticket special edition, said to be able to automatically identify the verification code, will fill out the time from 10 seconds to 0.1 seconds, known as "a hundredfold increase Rob ticket speed." Sogou also has an advantage is that the support of the PC and mobile phone at the same time landing an account grab tickets, this you understand!

Chrome is recommended for the wooden fish ticket plug-in, which we all understand, not much introduced!

Mobile end of mobile phone

UC, Sogou, Chi-Line train tickets, Cheetah micro-letter Plug-ins, 12306 official clients

UC, the launch of the "Grab ticket robot" support pre-sale unexpected purchase tickets, the focus is that it can automatically refresh you, no manual!

Sogou Mobile Browser, the above mentioned Sogou when said, the bright spot is the mobile phone and PC can log in the same 12306 account at the same time, brush the ticket! So, again recommended!

Wisdom Line train tickets, this nearly six months a small fire ticket software, built-in a monitoring settings, there is a ticket when the automatic whistle, and the new version to join the "automatic order" function, monitoring to the ticket, immediately automatically help you place an order.

Cheetah micro-Letter plug-in booking, add micro-letter service number "My Cheetah browser", you can customize the menu to book tickets! No need to install the download, direct cloud booking, related functions and PC and purchasing similar, here is not much to say!

Railway 12306 official client, as a pro son, this is still recommended, just on the line on frequent updates, indicating that Tiero still attaches great importance to. If the phone is blocked, then the official friends will steal the music.

Phone Grab Tickets

8684 Train, Sogou number pass, contact number assistant

8684 train, this software grab ticket tool box has helped himself to get several tickets, so, now has become the telephone end grab ticket software weapon! The earliest batch of automatic replay tool, save us the trouble of manual dialing.

Sogou number Pass, in the new version of December 30 also optimize the phone grab ticket function and interface details, grab tickets more fluent.

Contact Number Assistant, third-party dialer in a larger user in this ticket-grabbing era, the touch of the treasure launched a more intelligent phone robbery ticket, simple to only need us to enter the verification code can! Just a simple three step: Set your starting point, time, and type of ticket. The rest is to wait for the connection, and then enter the verification code.


Baidu Guardian, NetEase train tickets

Talking about the Baidu Guardian, many people are aware of the point, but the December New edition unexpectedly also joined the ticket function, and is unusually powerful ticket-grabbing function, without input verification code, automatic refresh. People's slogan is: Grab tickets faster than the browser and plug-in class grab ticket tools faster than 5 seconds!

NetEase train tickets, this should be ding total pig bored when a sudden idea, but also to join in the fun of joining the army! However, the idea of a little sudden, resulting in this application is very simple, but think of others is the attitude of the media, I believe that the latter will be updated to improve it!

Small Series Summary: The above is recommended this year all worth a try to rob the ticket software, Rob ticket software which is good? Compared with last year, more Giants joined this year, and also launched the new concept of purchasing platform, followed by the 12306 official revision, and support the function of the brush, from the attitude, Or explain Tiero have thought we buy tickets difficult problem!

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