Which of the following is better for Apple iPhone7 China and Hong Kong? Differences between iPhone 7 and Hong Kong

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Differences between iPhone 7 and Hong Kong
1. Price differences
As we all know, the Hong Kong version of iPhone7 is cheaper than that of the Chinese bank. The difference between the two is about-yuan. The following is the price difference between the Hong Kong version of iPhone 7 and the Chinese bank.
Price list of iPhone 7/7 Plus in Hong Kong:
The prices of the 32 GB/128 GB/4799G Hong Kong version of iPhone 7 are about 5486 yuan/6173 yuan/yuan respectively;
The prices of the 32 GB/128 GB/5657G Hong Kong iPhone7 Plus are about 6344 yuan/7117 yuan/yuan respectively.
China line iPhone7/7 Plus price list:
32 GB/128 GB/5388 GB/6188 GB China line iPhone7 prices are respectively 6988 yuan/Yuan/yuan;
32 GB/128 GB/6188 GB/6988 GB China line iPhone 7 Plus are respectively priced at/7788 yuan/Yuan/yuan;
2. Differences in network standards
In terms of network standards, China bank iPhone7 (A1660) and iPhone 7 Plus (A1661) are all designed with a single Nano SIM. They support 4G, 3 Netcom and all the networks of the three major carriers.
The two models of the Hong Kong iPhone7 do not support China Telecom's 3G/2G network, so they are not all connected to China Netcom. Therefore, pay special attention to the purchase.

Comparison between China Mobile iPhone7 and Hong Kong versions
That is to say, there are some detailed differences between the China line iPhone 7 and the Hong Kong edition in terms of network standards, China Mobile and China Unicom users can choose any version of the Chinese and Hong Kong versions. However, China Telecom users do not support 3G/2G networks. In fact, I personally think that 4G networks have become the mainstream, 3G/2G networks will be eliminated sooner or later, so telecom users can also rest assured when purchasing the Hong Kong version.
In addition to the price and network standard, the iPhone 7 and the Hong Kong versions are basically identical in terms of appearance, hardware configuration, and after-sales service. For domestic users, the Hong Kong version of the iPhone 6 s is the most value-for-money option, but when buying, you need to go to Hong Kong to purchase or purchase (the purchase price will be higher than the original price), so if you do not want to toss, you may want to directly consider the iPhone 7 function of the Chinese bank.

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