Which of the following things can instantly improve your personal taste?

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How can we use a small amount of money to improve the performance? First, we need to correct our attitude. We just want to change our life and make our whole life interesting, instead of changing more money. If you want to change more money, you still need more professional guidance. Many people will be scared by various high-end elegant arts, or by some art projects that require huge investment, so as to give up improving their own strength and taste, there are also a lot of art projects that are still relatively low-cost. This is suitable for the young cainiao who just want to enrich their lives to practice.

1. Six-hole vertical flute or flute. The cheapest 15 qomei card is available for sale in a certain treasure. This type of instrument is very simple. I think it is a versatile instrument. I bought a lot of kids for my family. I hope they can stick to the exercises and play for me in another day. You may also consider buying a music tutorial for your children at home.

2. harmonica. This is the best thing to do. It's also very cheap. You can take it with you. In addition, the sound of the harmonica sounds happy and quite appealing.

3. Guitar (guitar costs more than 100 RMB ). If you just want to have fun, you can buy a smaller exercise piano or a second-hand one. After you have mastered the basic chords, you can consider changing the violin. There are also a lot of guitar tutorials. if you carefully find a tutorial on the Internet and learn it carefully, you can also bring up some famous ones.

4. taodi. I 've seen other people play taodi, a handsome character. Friends in Changsha can go around in Taiping old street. There is a taodi shop in it to feel the charm of taodi. The price of taodi is high or low. It is recommended that you buy the cheapest one first. Do not buy the nice-looking one. You will not feel bad if you do not practice it for a while. Taodi is a work of art.

5. Write a pencil. Writing calligraphy is an elegance. But we haven't even reached that realm yet, so we sit and write quietly at most-and practice our hearts. The cost of this activity is very low. The full set of pen, ink, paper, and ink are provided on a certain treasure, as long as 40, people also help you to engrave a seal for free, and send a stamp. I bought a very simple and simple middleware with only 10 pieces, and it was very big (good luck, I found it in an old store, and the boss was all gray when I took it out ). My other items are cheap, and only the brush is more expensive. If the pen is not good, I do not like writing. You can buy an accesskey and write it slowly. I picked up a flat goose soft stone for town paper, which is quite interesting.

6. draw pictures. This cost is very simple. A pencil and a notebook. You can start with a simple pen drawing, find a favorite cartoon, and start imitating it. For example, if you like the old man, Doraemon, Zhu deyong, and Jimmy, you can imitate them, the differences between point, line, and plane are worth your attention. Or buy a sketch and draw it. Draw a month to get started.

7. Digital Oil Painting. I can find the cheapest on a 800-fold Internet. I once spent more than 50 yuan to buy three digital oil paintings. After the painting is finished, it can be mounted on the wall for decoration (the decoration in other people's homes is bought, and you have painted it yourself ). It is equipped with a paint brush, color palette, and paint. You only need to prepare a bucket for Pen washing. You can draw a picture for about a month! Watercolor paint is also very cheap, if there is no entry, you can also find a pair of paintings to try to imitate themselves, I have imitated Van Gogh's "sunflower", although it is not a sunflower! But I was very happy. After all, I tried it bravely.

8 Bodhi bracelets. If you can't do some of the meticulous DIY jobs, consider this. A certain treasure can buy a lot of white Bodhi roots, different sizes, and then use sandpaper and sharpening, grinding into your favorite look in a bracelet or necklace, it is recommended to buy a smaller beads, it's too big to be a hand string. If you do well, It is very sincere to send people. This kind of activity requires a lot of patience and physical strength, because it still requires a disk after it is made into a hand string. As for what it is called a disk, Baidu does not provide an explanation (do not buy an electric device when you get started ).

9. I have a friend who has been playing this game for three years, and the initial cost is very low. More than 30 sets of knives. Then there is the rubber. Of course, it is not cheap to buy erasers if you are addicted. Other tools will be purchased later.

10. If it is not a tool control, sports are suitable for most healthy people. Rope Skipping, badminton (applies to myopia), table tennis (applies to myopia), yoga (40 for a mat, no money for online tutorials), and aerobics.

11. For example, goldfish is more diligent. I suggest buying a larger white basin (I used a large bowl of soup) instead of a glass cylinder. Buy two red fish, and you can put them in the house with aquatic plants (such as grass and green radish. Red Fish, green grass, white cylinder, simple but interesting. Myopia stare at the fish every day, it is still very good.

Turtles, this is just a little lazy. After taking care of the whole summer, it is about to start hibernation! It is also a kind of self-cultivation!

Cats and dogs are not really good for me, so they have to clean up and take a bath, and they have to slide. It's mainly expensive. Some dogs are even higher than my salary. It's not suitable!

12. This type of project is low-cost and high-return! I bought a basket last year, and this year I became six. In addition, it will sprout in spring and summer every year. It can be kept in water or soil. Last year, Aloe Vera became three pots. I also go to the flower and bird market every month to turn around and buy some Seasonal flowers and plants. For example, I buy gardenia flowers in summer, jasmine in autumn, and daffodils in winter. When flowers bloom, the whole house is fragrant, better than any synthetic flavor. Some flowers are also sent to friends and family after being separated. Once the house is very fragrant, you will not be able to stand up with your dog nest and may wish to tidy up your room. If you are interested, you can also buy a vase to practice flower arrangement.

Inspired by a person, I think small changes over time can really surprise us.

I have written an article before, and some people practice saxophone at noon, disturbing the people. From January 1, July to August 1, September, he practiced for an hour at noon every day for two months. This afternoon, I heard that he was blowing it again. It was a kind of Sprite, and he was very fluent. From doramy in July to today's complete song, it is worthy of praise. My colleagues and I both said that after that hard time, we will also see elegant art. We have witnessed the entire process. Aside from the previous prejudice against him, I was quite happy with this result.

It should be noted that before you decide to start an interest, you should set a goal for yourself. To what extent you will learn this interest. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, but you should also give yourself some requirements. Otherwise, the purchased equipment will have to grow. In addition, do not pursue high-specification tools or instruments as you get started. Buy the simplest and cheapest tool and upgrade it as needed.

An interesting life also requires perseverance. If you cannot make the best use of the purchased equipment, expensive equipment is just a dead thing. I will not talk much about chicken soup. Let's just look at it. All in all! In addition to the installation, you must practice it.

Which of the following things can instantly improve your personal taste?

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