While visiting the Great American Art Book exhibition, 2016 of the world's exhibitions are worth seeing.

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By the Beijing Arts and Crafts science and Technology Culture Co., Ltd., my art network WWW.MYYISHU.COM contractor, the Chinese century Altar art museum supported by the "2016 beautiful art of the year painting and Calligraphy exhibition" in the exhibition hall of the Chinese century altar continues to carry out. The following is a selection of the most representative exhibitions in different fields, looking forward to 2016 art.

The three-leaf altar painting "hay cart" will be on display for the first time in boss's hometown.

Jeronimis Bosse: The Perspective of genius

Location: Hertogenbosch Municipal Museum (Netherlands)

Date: February 13-May 8

Bosch: Centennial Exhibition

Location: Prado Museum (Madrid, Spain)

Date: May 31-September 11

Jeronimis Bosse (Hieronymus BOSCH) is a unique painting style, which is one of the most mysterious and special characters of the Renaissance Jay. His paintings depict evil and the degradation of human morals, and show the evil of man with demons, half-men and half-beasts and even mechanical images. He was considered to be one of the 20th century's surrealist inspirations. To commemorate the 500 anniversary of his death, the Hertogenbosch Municipal Museum in which Bosch was born and the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain, will host the Bosch commemorative exhibition.

The 12 works, including the Getty Foundation's involvement in funding the restoration, will debut in Hertogenbosch, and many museums have lent a boutique to the show, including the famous three-leaf altar "Hay cart" (1516) and the Louvre collection of "The Fool's Ship" from the Prado Museum collection. (1500-1510) and the "Afterlife" (after 1486) from the gallery of the Venetian Academy of Fine Arts.

Tithonus-Gilacleo found The Hobbit idol. Photography: CHRISTOPH Gerigk

Sunken City: The Lost World of Egypt

Location: British Museum (London, UK)

Date: May 19-November 27

Recent archaeological excavations have uncovered two ancient Egyptian cities-Tithonus-Gilacleo (thonis-heracleion) and Canopus (CANOPUS)-that have sunk in the Nile estuary for more than a thousand years. The British Museum's first large underwater archaeological exhibition will be themed on these two cities.

The exhibition will showcase nearly 200 artifacts excavated by the archaeological team from 1966 to 2012 on the coast of Alexandria, along with exhibits from the Egyptian Museum. These articles tell the story of political rights and folk beliefs, myths and migrations, gods and Kings.

The exhibition is on display at the Arab World Museum in Paris (until January 31), and will be in 2017 after the British Museum's extension to the Wright Borg Museum in Zurich. However, the exhibition in France and Zurich will focus mainly on the Egyptian myth of the god of the gods Osiris, the British curatorial will focus on Egypt and Greece's relations.

"Meat-shaped stone" will be determined to be exhibited in San Francisco.

Imperial Treasures--Chinese art from the Forbidden City of Taipei

Date: June 17-September 18

Venue: Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

The 50 anniversary of the founding of the Museum of Asian Art in San Francisco, the Imperial treasures borrowed nearly 150 pieces from the Imperial Palace, covering paintings, calligraphy, bronze, ceramics, lacquer ware, jade, textiles and rare books.

More than 150 of these pieces were first exhibited in the United States and 30 were rare treasures. The exhibition spans from the Song Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, presenting the aesthetic tastes of 8 emperors in China from the 12th century to the 20th century and the artistic features and outstanding craftsmanship of the times. The "meat-shaped stone", which is loved by the visitors, will be determined to be exhibited in the United States.

Max Pechstein's black sculpture still works.

The God of the Gentiles: tribal Art in the context of modernism

Location: Leopold Museum (Vienna, Austria)

Time: September 23-2017 January 9

At the turn of the 20 century, the influence of tribal art on Western art is not too much to be spoken about. It is said that when Picasso faced a room of African masks in the Museum of Anthropology in Paris, "This is the painting." Similarly, German Expressionism is inspired by tribal art from the southern hemisphere, and Dada artists believe that ocean art holds the key to the unconscious.

The exhibition will showcase Picasso (PICASSO), Modigliani (AMEDEO Modigliani), Emire Nord (EMIL Nolde), Max Ernst (Max ERNST) and Max Pechstein (max), a well-known artist representing European modernism. Pechstein), along with more than 200 pieces of tribal art from the museum's founder, Rudolph Leopold's collection.

Arbus early works: A backward man in a hotel room.

Dian Abus: initially

Venue: Metropolitan Museum of Art Breuer Branch (New York, USA)

Date: July 12-November 27

Dian Abus, a thunderclap piercing in the photographic world, walks the streets and targets people who are thought to be socially non-mainstream, such as freaks, transgender people, tramps, nudists, and mentally handicapped patients. Her work has forced people to re-examine the "normal" and "abnormal", "moral" and "immoral", including Susan Sontag, Robert Hughes, Brian Houer and other prominent critics of her mixed, but it is her unique aesthetic forever changed people's perception of portrait photography.

Although Arbus's works are exhibited all over the world, the exhibition at the lawyer branch of the Metropolitan Museum will showcase the original work of the photographer (1956-1962), of which Two-thirds have never been published. Most of the exhibits are from the Dian Abus Archives of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Dutch designer Airis Fan Hobern 2013 designed the skirt using 3D printing technology.


Location: Boston Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, USA)

Date: March 6-July 10

The future of fashion will depend to a large extent on technological innovation, which was almost unimaginable ten years ago. Top designers in the world, including Issey Miyake (Issey MIYAKE), Rei Pauline (REI Kawakubo), Houssein Karayan (HUSSEIN Chalayan) and Alexander McQueen (ALEXANDER MCQUEEN has tried to combine cutting-edge technology with fashion, introducing lasers, electronics, biotechnology, 3D printing, and more.

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts will be exhibiting some of the designers ' own collections next year, and will also borrow from elsewhere, including a laser-printed dress from the last show of McQueen, the 2010 "Plato's Atlantis".

The exhibition will be divided into two parts, one of which explores collaboration between designers, mathematicians, and scientists, while the other focuses on how the costumes use technology to show different visual effects.

Broodthaers was created in 1965 with white cabinets and white tables.

Massere Boudael (MARCEL broodthaers) solo exhibition

Location: Museum of Modern Art (New York, USA)

Date: February 14-May 15

The New York Museum of Modern Art will bring Belgian artists, filmmakers, poets Massere Boudael (1924-1976) solo exhibitions This Valentine's Day, showcasing more than 200 works in multiple dimensions.

Although the artist's evaluation has been mixed, but the public does not know much about him, the exhibition is to give Broodthaers in the 20th century art history of its rightful place.

The curator of the 2010 Museum of Modern Art, also a critic, Michael Rush, once said that Broodthaers may have been "the most famous artist you have ever seen" because of his influence on "a large group of contemporary artists."

Gleir's Seduction and dangerous Women: the dance of the Priestess priests.

Charles Gleir (1806-1874): The Romance of repentance

Location: Orsay Museum (Paris, France)

Date: May 10-September 11

Gleir was hailed as one of the leading figures of the 19th century Academy, and his studio in Paris was one of the most open and creative spaces in the city, from which several later people-Auguste Renoa (AUGUSTE RENOIR) and Claude Monet (CLAUDE MONET) and Alfred Sisley (ALFRED SISLEY), however, the Swiss artist has never held a special exhibition on French soil.

Some commentators believe that Gleir's clear painting style and love for mythological themes show a stubborn resistance to the new world around it, but this exhibition is intended to emphasise and reassess the passions, violence, and oriental elements of Gleir paintings. In addition, his portrayal of women as temptations and dangers is also seen as a precursor to the symbolism experiments of the late 19th century.

Camille, "Italian Woman" (about 1870 years), was once collected by Lussien Floyd.

Painter's paintings--from Fan Dake to Freud

Location: National Gallery, London, UK

Date: June 22-September 4

How often do people judge the quality of a piece of art or its place in art history? Most of it is through the critics, the words of the Tibetans, or the exhibits that the works participate in, and we seldom seem to care about the works that the artists themselves admire.

The exhibition to be held next year by the National Gallery of London selects 60 paintings that have been collected by famous painters, including Fan Dake's collection of Titian and Lucien Floyd's collection of Corot. The exhibition will display the artist's collection alongside their own works in an attempt to show the relationship between the artist's aesthetic tastes and their own creations.

The 11th annual Shanghai Biennial Exhibition team-India Raqs Group.

11th Annual Shanghai Biennale

Venue: Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art

Date: November 11-March 12, 2017

The theme of this year's Shanghai Biennale is "Why not ask?" The argument, the counter-argument, the story. The Indian Raqs Media Group was the main curator, established in 1992 in New Delhi, India, with members including Gibish Bash (Jeebeshbagchi), Monica Narura (MONICA narula) and Shudhabarat Sengupta (shuddhabrata SENGUPTA). The Raqs group's proposal for the Shanghai Biennale is thought to be closely related to the current context, while maintaining openness to future communication output. The Shanghai Biennale is focused on exploring the possibility of "South–south cooperation", with the intention of presenting a divergent art world that transcends things.

The 2016 global exhibition is worth looking forward to, let us visit the Great American Art Book exhibition at the same time, together enjoy the world famous exhibition bar.

While visiting the Great American Art Book exhibition, 2016 of the world's exhibitions are worth seeing.

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