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For most office white-collar, MSN work Standard, especially for some shielding QQ chat tool company employees, MSN is Work, life, learn the necessary communication. However, I believe that the use of people know that such a chat tool used to have an inconvenience, that is, chat records can only be saved to the local, changing the computer, you can not see. Jinshan Fast disk recently upgraded Cloud Bridge version provides the "Back up MSN Chat record" This feature, a key can solve this problem.

The first step: Open MSN Retention Dialog history function

MSN Default is not to save chat records, so the first step to the MSN settings: Automatically save the history of the dialog. Open the MSN "Tools" option, click "Options", select the "Message" column, and then check "automatically keep the history of the conversation."

Note: Remember to set the history option in MSN on all computers that need to view the chat record (for example, to view the MSN Chat record on the unit machine in the computer at home, you need to set up the MSN on the Unit and home computer)

(Figure 1:msn Settings)

Step two: Turn on the "Back up my msnl chat record" feature of Jinshan fast disk

First of all, please download the official website of Jinshan Fast to install the latest version of Jinshan fast disk in the new fast disk, the user login, click on the right side of the Third tab page, select "Back up my MSN Chat record", click to open.

(Figure 2)

In the same way, the computer at home will also open the fast disk, turn on the "Back up my MSN Backup" switch, login MSN and open "automatic retention of conversation chat record", so that you can see in the home computer in the office and friends, colleagues chat record.

MSN chats can also be seen on Android phones and ipads

With this feature, it is a piece of cake to view the chat record offsite. In fact, this function is mainly dependent on the Jinshan fast disk of the multi-terminal synchronization to achieve. The great beauty of the Jinshan Express is to support the Cross-platform view of files on different terminals (computers, Android phones, iphones and ipads). When you open the quick disk, click on the "My Application" folder, which will have an "MSN Chat Record" folder, open this folder, there will be the user corresponding MSN named folder, which is you and your MSN Friends Chat XML file. This XML file in the mobile phone, pad and other terminals can be viewed at any time in the browser, that is, when you through the Android phone, the ipad can also be viewed anytime, anywhere MSN Chat records!

In addition, there is an advantage in the presence of MSN Chat records in the fast disk, is "not afraid to lose", the fast disk in the file if mistakenly deleted, not only through the Web page of the "Network recycling station" to find, but also through the rapid Pan Yun Bridge version of the "historical version" of the previous documents, truly safe and secure.

For the entire cloud storage industry, the continuous innovation and good user experience is a measure of the importance of a product two important aspects, and Jinshan fast by the constant improvement of the product also more and more to win the hearts of users.

Now, the use of "Cloud Bridge" technology new version of the current has been on line, users can go to the official website download, the experience of the Cloud Bridge version of the convenience of the rapid disk.

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