Who made a knot in my heart (13) for seven days?

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"Tian Yu, come here". I don't know when or why. Tian Xin stood at the door of the R & D department and shouted at me in a whisper.

I looked up and looked at the door. I saw Tian's heart standing there leaning against the door and his head leaning slightly. Seeing that I saw her, she naturally made a funny action. I saw her put her left hand next to her bright eyes, and her face was filled with a happy smile and beckoned to me, I want to go to myself right away. Looking at Tian Xin's behavior, I felt like a "blow-up". This should not be what a 21-year-old adult should do. This morning, at the door of the R & D department, it happened suddenly. I can't understand it, I just want to laugh.

When I plan to get up and jump to her like a child who is not as normal as a child with honey, I can clearly see that everyone else in the office is looking at us. Although Tian's greeting was very small, it was the kind of sound that aroused all the curious eyes in the room. I don't know whether these eyes are about to look at Tian Xin's out-of-age look or wonder what kind of attitude I plan to meet Tian Xin's cute look. I don't feel that I should be so clever that it will immediately trigger a burst of buzz; the two of my 27-year-old male should not reveal more imitations; the other is that once I move past in a gentle manner, it will clearly prove what Tian Xin said not long ago. She is my teacher, I hope that as a student, I can follow her well.

"Is there anything ?", I got up, walked steadily, stood upright and walked to the side of Tian Xin, very seriously asked.

"Why? Who made you hungry without eating breakfast? Why are you cool? Haha ", Tian Xin smiled and asked with curiosity.

"No. I just remembered one thing. I didn't know what to do, so I didn't take it easy. Don't mind, nothing. What are you looking ?", When I heard such fun, I immediately put away my face and explained it with an unnatural smile.

"Yo, there's a huge shelf. As a celebrity, We Little people cannot easily greet your elders. Do you need to make an appointment or report in advance. Don't be so cool, okay? You can't forget that you are just a good guy to go to heaven and become famous again. It's also my good student. You have to listen to your teacher well, do you know? Haha ", Tian simply smiled and said to me. I didn't answer her. I was not very used to such a funny way and planned to turn back to my seat.

"I am not looking for you, But Zhang Jie is looking for you. Come with me." Tian Xin suddenly became bored and put away his lovely smile, said calmly to me. Then I turned and motioned to let me end with her. Tian Xin does not wear overalls today. Instead, he is dressed as a casual wear with a white short-sleeved t-shirt with pink edges and a pair of pink shoes under the black sports pants. Even body, black hair is simply tied up with several colored rubber bands, moving in front of me. This beautiful back is simple but beautiful, natural and elegant, as if the milk flowing from the green grassland is beautiful and pure, and it is like a cool breeze in this hot summer, gently blow, gently touch your cheek, cool, energetic, gentle.

Soon, I followed Tian Xin to the meeting room and saw Zhang Jie sitting there with a black computer bag on the desk. When she saw us come in, she greeted her by her hand.

"Tian Yu, Tian Xin, you two come over. I told you something. It was also a task. Mr. Wang asked me to arrange it yesterday. Today, Tian Xin is resting, but there is no way to do it. You have to work hard for a few days. Mr. Wang asked me to tell you that you must cooperate with each other to complete this task ", zhang Jie told me and Tian Xin seriously.

"What's the matter, Zhang Jie, you said, Tian Yu and I will do our best." Although I don't know the specific arrangement, Tian Xin seems to have completed it with confidence.

"In fact, it is not a big deal. No. In a few days, it will be the start of the bidding meeting for the xinbian telecom project. Mr. Wang also said something to Tian Yu yesterday, which is similar to that in general. There will be some on-site Q & A, questions, and other temporary arrangements at the tender meeting, so Mr. Wang hopes that Tian Xin will help Tian Yu and give a comprehensive explanation of some of the main business processing links of the current system to Tian Yu. First, because Tian Xin is one of the company's more familiar business personnel. Second, you may wish to take a good grasp of the time through these short days, try to familiarize Tian Yu with more current services. On the day of the bidding meeting, Tian Yu was the only one who told the Review Panel. Therefore, from now on, Tian Yu stepped up his time to familiarize himself with more business knowledge .", Zhang Jie said with great expectation.

"Well, that's what it means. Tian Xin: You have worked hard for a few days. As for the current work, let Wei LAN or Li Xiaoxiao handle it first. You have been responsible for teaching Tian Yu these days, let him know the current system processing process and some common problems you have encountered in your daily work. ", Tian Xin listened and nodded silently and agreed.

"I found this computer from the warehouse. I found several computers. I tried it for all the people in the business department, and it was similar. Tian Yu, you should use this one in a few days. The good news is that Mr. Wang told me a few days ago that I would like to give you a new laptop. Yesterday I asked Yang Guang, who said that he had ordered it, but it would take a few days to get it. You can see how good our boss is to you, Tian Yu. I have been writing to Tian Yu for almost six years. Tian Xin has been providing us with a new computer for more than three years. In less than half a year, Mr. Wang was able to give you a new laptop and I heard that it was still a very advanced brand. Look, how nice Xin Yi is to you, our boss. Tian Yu must make a good effort. Otherwise, I am too sorry for the company's expectations for you. Well, there's nothing to say about it. You two have been working here these days. If you have any other plans, contact me first. Unless I agree, you are not allowed to go anywhere. Once again, unless I agree, I am not allowed to go anywhere. Otherwise, Mr. Wang will scold me for not arranging the task for you. You are busy. I'm leaving first. "said Zhang Jie, smiling and shouting.

"Good, good", Tian Xin and I agreed with each other.

Zhang Jie left the office and Tian Xin told me to open the computer, plug in the network cable, and log on to the system in Kunming. I obeyed her password and started it very easily. I don't know why. When I heard Zhang Jie say, "In this meeting room these seven days, Tian Xin and I have to sit here and work together, and there was no special thing to leave. "At that moment, I suddenly became happy. I don't know, I never thought of it, but there was such a wonderful arrangement. Although it was only a short seven days, I was satisfied and satisfied, because it will be a pleasant period of time. Perhaps I should be grateful to Xianyi, Wang, and xinbian Telecom. Without their presence, there will be no perfect task that will make me very happy to accept.

"Tian Yu, do you think it is up to you to ask a question or I will explain it to you in part?" Tian asked seriously. She has transformed herself into a teacher, and her face is still the calm expression just now. It seems that she is not satisfied with the job at all, and may still be angry, this takes a good rest time.

"Well, you can tell me this first. I am a student, and I accept the teacher's teachings unconditionally." I deliberately smiled and said, in this way, I want to dispel the seriousness of her face.

"Yo, dare not. You are now the red man of the wings, and the master of Wang is proud of him. We have little fish and shrimps, cats and dogs. How can we compare them with decent people like you? Let alone the guidance of instructors? Isn't it a big knife in front of Luban? Dare not, I dare not. "Tian Xin kept his calm expression and didn't look at me with no smile. He just replied to me in a humble tone. I think this is probably because she is fighting back my indifference.

"Haha, how can I say that. I am such a clown, that is, occasionally stealing a party and jumping a beam. How can it be compared with your senior predecessors. Besides, how can you say that you are a little fish, a little fish, a little kitten, or a little dog? This is not a living thing. It's just a fairy, and chang'e is born. What's more, you are a human, how can you be willing to practice yourself as a kitten or a puppy? I am afraid to ask the teacher, are you a kitten or a puppy ?", I deliberately teased Tian, hoping that she would soon end fighting back at me.

"I don't like this because I don't like it. You still have a long face, right? To tell you the truth, if it weren't for Zhang Jie to say so much to me just now, she would leave a comfortable holiday without a rest, here, I am bored to serve people. The new edge project has nothing to do with me. Do it well. The company may issue more bonuses to you. If it is not good, let Wang say a few words. This is always irrelevant to me, and I don't want to exercise this spare time. I only want to do my own job well, insist on making a good statement every day, make a quasi-report, and then I can feel at ease every month to get the point that is little, but it is very fixed salary ", tian Xin obviously ignored my reconciliation, and still turned his face on his face without any happy preparation.

"How can we say that? In this way, a person can speak like a 80 or 90-Year-Old lady. What's more, you just didn't say that you need to do your job well. This is not what Zhang Jie said just now. This work is very important. It is a task assigned to both of us and must be done in collaboration. So, you don't want to think about anything now. It's useless to think about it. You just have to be a good teacher and instruct me this stupid student to learn business knowledge. You are not allowed to go anywhere unless she agrees ". My words are a bit arrogant and contain a ding point of coercion.

"You know, I have ears and don't bother you. You can rest assured that I will cooperate with you to do this well. However, I would like to declare that it is not long before you and I know each other. You remember, I am just a colleague with you now. I know that you are Tian Yu, and you know that I am Tian Xin. In addition, there is no redundant link. Remember, don't forget ", tian Xin insisted on his seriousness and ignored my unreasonable and funny smile, but he began to accept the task in a gentle manner.

"Come on, that's what I said. It's a burst of tangle in my heart. Although we are not familiar with it, we have known each other for a long time. And we have the same surname. In the past, maybe we are a family. You are my little girl, and I am your eldest brother. What kind of family? "I said, they laughed.

"Stop, don't come. So far, I don't have that blessing. Besides, why do you want me to be your sister? It seems that you are too incompetent to be another person's eldest brother. "Tian said this and put a stop in his hand, she is warning me not to continue with my boredom, because she does not like to continue with this endless nagging.

"Well, this joke is everywhere, but the atmosphere still needs to be harmonious. Otherwise, people may think we are angry and quarreling here. Well, if you don't talk nonsense about anything else, start to do the right thing for us. Mr. Tian, please go to your seat. "I collapsed my naughty face and asked Tian to sit down with respect.

"Yes, it should be like this. It should be nice to have a good attitude towards the teacher. You must be polite and know how to respect the teacher for teaching. Otherwise, if the teacher is unhappy, can you pass the course ?", Tian said, and his mouth was slightly happy, but soon became serious.

Tian Xin sat down. I moved a stool and sat next to her. Because I told her that she could better see the pictures on the computer and listen to her in class. Of course, this allows me to enjoy the task more happily, but this is just what I said to myself. Throughout the afternoon, Tian Xin carefully introduced the implementation functions of each module in the system and the processing processes of the main business, and asked me if I had any questions from time to time, whether it can be understood or not. I found that Tian Xin, like me, is able to find motivation in the speech process. It is a perfect explanation-LD, rhythm, and talent. In comparison with her, I found that my previous speech was obviously inferior to her, because I rarely paused in the middle, concerned about the audience around me, and asked them whether they knew it or not, what are the problems. What's more, Tian Xin's kind of considerate and warm inquiry is what I don't have. It's a kind of kind, kind and kind conversation. After listening to Tian Xin's explanation, I felt like I was in a quiet forest, moving slowly, and enjoying the curtains around me. My footsteps have been stopped, and I am attached to this wonderful enjoyment. The air around me is filled with a faint fragrance. Close your eyes slowly, with a simple smile floating on my mind, I saw a clever lark flying towards me not far away, stopping on my shoulder, open your own voice, singing in a pleasant and green manner.

Bathed in this beautiful accompaniment, I can't help but sigh.

Xian Qing hides the yundun bullet, and the inter-Forest Ying sounds

Winding is like an underdrawing, with a thin string

Cool and trigger new clothes, and I'm sorry to recall private words

Quiet and happy, just waiting for silent victories

From the distance, there was smoke in the dark.

I don't know who is hiding here, just listen to the WAF

Just laugh at Tao gongkong to recall that the peach blossom source is now in the present

"Hello! What do you mean? After talking about it all morning, my neck is almost dumb. Do you understand it ?", Tian's voice interrupted my "sleepwalking ".

"Well, I 've been listening to it all the time, but it's really a lot better than I 've been here all day. However, I still don't know much about it, but I don't know how to ask it. I can't say it well, huh, huh. "I'm doing very well, but I'm not sure about it. In fact, I do not know how much I have heard of. When will I leave the meeting room and float in the distant imagination just now. I only know that at first I listened very seriously to Tian Xin, but slowly, my eyes moved from the computer screen to Tian Xin's back. After listening to her voice, I began to become a little distracted. Then my soul jumped out of my body and floated out of the window and flew far away. I did not land until I met the maolin, and stay there.

"What do you mean? Do you know or don't know? I don't know how to say it again later. "Tian was a little angry and liked the student who gave her helplessness and headaches.

"Oh, that's not enough. It takes some time to start over again, and you are tired when I look at your teacher. I think so. It's almost time to eat now. Otherwise, let's have dinner first. After a while, I'll review what I 've just mentioned and explain my thoughts, if you don't understand anything, ask the teacher again in the afternoon, "I said with a smile, looking at her angry expression.

"Eat, eat, you will know to eat. You will not be allowed to eat next time !", Tian is strict with her students.

"Good, good, sure, from now on, I want to be a good student. When I listen to my teacher, my teacher tells me to sit and I will not stand. When I smile, I will not cry. When I eat, I will not be hungry ".

"Helpless, I really don't know how you got into college for a student like you, and I also heard Yang Guang say it is a key university. In my opinion, you are probably cheating. "Tian Xin cannot understand this stupid student. At the beginning, he was able to be so intelligent.

"Haha, what the teacher taught me is, but who told me that it was not so open-eyed? Let me be a blind cat, let me meet a dead mouse, and go to the university which should not belong to me. Teacher, you think about how difficult I was to live at that time, and what it was supposed to belong to me, but God gave it to me with treasure. No way, it's all about life !", My mouth is very smooth, but my face is powerless.

"Why? I know that you are a college student, a talent, and an elite! Which is like us? Well, don't say it, eat now. "Tian said, and quickly got up and walked out. I wanted to follow her at the end, but I still don't want to get it in a twinkling of an eye. It was too arrogant to do so. After a while, I was told by the ladies from the customer service department, moreover, the current situation is not suitable. Tian Xin is right. After all, she and I are just colleagues. Such a colleague should at least happen after we have established friends.

After dinner, Tian xinlai told me that he wanted to take a rest and asked me to go to the meeting room after two o'clock. After hearing this, I didn't want to agree at the beginning. I planned to ask her to pass immediately by looking for a few questions, but I was worried that she would not like it if she did so much, so we have to reluctantly agree. I did not go back to the R & D department. I just sat in front of the conference room and counted the time in the room at 1 minute 1 second, hoping that it would immediately change to two o'clock P.M., then pause the rotation and stop there.

After a while, Xiao Mao and several of them passed by the conference room and saw me sitting in alone. They also came in.

"Yu Ge, how can I sit here in a daze, Tian xinjie? Why didn't I come to accompany you? When I passed by in the morning, I saw the two of you staying here and "getting together". "Mao smiled and asked me curiously.

"Rely on, your boy, what is 'mixed up'? Don't say it. Tian Xin and I are here, but Mr. Wang specially arranged to ask Tian Xin to complete a task with me. If you don't believe me, you can ask Zhang Jie immediately to see if I lied to you ", I have reason to tell them.

"Well, I haven't seen it yet. The two of you were asked to stay here in the dark and in the dark, and they were very warm and 'login' here, and still completed the 'specially planned 'task arranged by the boss. What task is so mysterious? Is it always like this? Your kid is competent enough to make such a good fortune, haha. "Then xiaomao said, everyone laughed with him.

"You little boy can't tell you that he told you it was a task, busy working, and so messy. What is the specific task? I dare not say it. If you ask Zhang Jie, she may tell you, "I also said to them with a smile, I don't know whether my smile is to show off their jokes or show their inner joy and pride.

"Come on, since they all say they are secrets, it is better to do it quietly. I dare not ask. Dude, how are you going? Let our Tian yuge continue to work secretly here, and don't disturb others. "After Xiao Mao finished, he patted me on the shoulder with a smile and turned to walk out of the meeting room with others.

"Slow walk, don't send, brother will come back in a few days", I told them with a smile.

"Let's talk about it later. The R & D department does not have a conference room so poetic. Don't be silly. You can stay here comfortably. The R & D department is a computer, and the ghost will be willing to go back, haha ". I can see a lot of envy and jealousy from their words and laughter. It is a kind of infatuation that I want to go out of the R & D department and sit in the field.

At about two o'clock P.M., Tian Xin returned to the meeting room. Seeing that I was sitting at the door with my eyes staring at the door, she smiled and asked me why I came so early and didn't take a rest. I said that I didn't like taking a nap, so it was a little early. In fact, I wanted to tell her that I had never left because I liked to stay here, even for a short time at 1 minute 1 second. I gave it back decisively and never said it again.

In the afternoon, Tian is still talking with great concentration, and her dedication is fully qualified for the glorious position of the teacher. In contrast, as a student, I am not so disciplined to attend lectures. I was just like in the morning. At first I listened attentively to Tian Xin, but without knowing it, my eyes left the serious screen and moved to the beautiful back next to me, with the joy of hearing, my thoughts began to go through the illusion without any limitations, until I was suddenly recalled after a severe reminder. But after a moment of serious detention, my soul began to repeat the previous activities. This was always the case, and the cycle was repeated.

"Take a rest, my throat is full of smoke. Let's take a look at it for convenience and have a sip of water." Tian asked to pause for a while again, but I am not tired and do not want to take a rest.

"Teacher, what do you want to drink? Can I buy it ?", I asked Tian Xin with a smile.

"Don't, don't, just drink water. Don't you know it? Have you heard of it? I just need to go back to the office and have some boiled water, "said Tian.

"You old man don't move, let the students serve you, I'll help you take the water," said. I quickly got up and walked out of the meeting room. Instead of going to the customer service department, I rushed down the stairs by pressing the elevator.

"Give me two bottles of water," I quickly found a store on the side of the road and greeted the boss.

"Young man, what do you want, mineral water, cola or herbal tea?" the boss asked me politely.

"What do you like to quench your thirst when you say a girl is hot ?", As soon as I spoke, the store owner immediately shook his head and looked at me with wide eyes. This inquiry is too difficult for normal thinking, so that the store owner has been "thundered" by it to the ground.

"No, it's mainly because my girlfriend and I just met each other and didn't know what she liked to drink. That's why I asked this question. Don't worry, boss. "I smiled at him and explained.

"This is the case. That's not true. Some girls now like to drink cola, others like Sprite, yogurt, green tea, and many varieties. The taste is different, and their personal preferences are naturally different. You can decide on your own. Anyway, I have all the girls here who like to drink. "The boss told me with patience.

"Well, can you help me with my boss? My girlfriend and I don't know each other for a long time. So I thought, do you have a bag or a big bag? I bought a bottle for each of them and asked her to pick it. But after a while, if I can't finish it, can I return it back to you? Boss, help me. This is the first time I tried to chase a girl with such heart. It's a crucial moment. Boss, help me. "I said, while praying for him with my hands. Once again, the store boss was shocked by my speech and actions, and paused again, staring at me with wide eyes. My boss fell to the ground again by mine.

"Oh, young man, you have such a special idea. I am doing a good thing today to fulfill your needs. I will pack it for you later, and I will bring a bottle of everything. But you have to pay the money first. When I get it back later, I have to carefully check it before deciding whether to return it. And you should not delay this time too long. After all, it's hot now, the temperature is high, and the drinks may easily break down after a long time, "the store boss said to me with a smile and opened the freezers and packed them in plastic bags.

"Okay! Thank you, boss. You are very nice. I promise I will be back within 20 minutes. If I don't try again, I want to buy all of them, "I said, quickly picking up the big bag of drinks in his hand.

"That's good, young man. Come on, keep yourself up. That girl must belong to you, huh, huh, "said the boss with a smile.

"What are you drinking, teacher?" I put a bag of drinks next to my computer, and Tian Xin watched the computer intently. At the root of the bottle, he did not pay attention to this pile of bottles.

"Drink Water, drink something, come, give it to me," said Tian, turning around and preparing to take the water in my hand.

"Oh, what is this? How can we drink so much. I didn't tell you how to get my cup from the customer service department. You are planning to switch to a store to do business or send welfare to everyone. Everyone has a bottle. "Tian Xin looked at the bottles in the plastic bag and asked me with a smile.

"None. I don't know which kind you like to drink. So I bought a bottle for each of them. You can see if you like it. If you don't have it, I will try another store downstairs. ", I said calmly.

"Haha, you are really interesting. You can't see it. This is the first time I 've ever encountered such a fun thing. In order to live up to your painstaking efforts, I 'd like to pick up a bottle of Sprite. As for others, you can do it by yourself, whether each person has a bottle or returns it. Haha, it's really fun. There's still such a fun thing happening, haha. "Tian opened a hearty smile. I can't understand what she meant by "fun", whether to laugh at my "silly", or think that such behavior is too funny. I regretted my behavior. I was too impulsive and self-righteous. I dreamed that when I put all these types in front of Tian Xin, she would be touched and gave me a deep look. But she didn't. She just smiled and said it was fun, and said I was really interesting.

Soon, the whole afternoon was exhausted, and Tian Xin looked very tired and his throat hoarse. When I got off work, she told me that I had something to do tomorrow and may not be able to come until half past nine. Let me look at it first, summarize the content of today's lecture, and see if there are other problems, I will continue to talk about it tomorrow. After that, Tian was not planning to stay here for a moment. She hurriedly packed up her stuff and waved and told me to see you tomorrow.

That's it. The beautiful first day soon passed by me. Even though I still regret my stupid things, I became excited as soon as I thought I could stay with Tian Xin.

In the last few days, Tian and I were both in the conference room, and she had been explaining it to me carefully, but I was still like that. I listened carefully for a while, after a while, it is still an infinite number. In this conference room, we seem to have been continuing yesterday. In the same scenario, with the same guidance, eyes, words, pictures, and dreams, as a reminder, what I can feel is the same as before. Even so, I am not bored at all, and in the same continuation, there are also some special changes. That is, on the first day, I was happy, expecting, and imagining. On the second day, Tian Xin wore a set of personalized cowboy clothes. On the third day, Tian Xin painted a little light makeup; on the fourth day, Tian Xin always smiled happily at me. On the fifth day, Tian Xin had dinner, but she smiled and declined politely. On the sixth day, Tian Xin told me that she had been unhappy recently; on the seventh day, our wonderful task was successfully completed.

[Statement: the plot in the story is purely fabricated. If there are similarities, it is a coincidence] 

(Note: myselfArticleAll are original, please indicate the source for reprinting! Dao guangjianying 201000828 is written in Shenzhen .)

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