Why am I fat? -- 10 problems related to high-calorie diets

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The following 10 problems related to high-calorie diets may help you stay away from the "Heat Trap", so that you can go smoothly in the pursuit of healthy beauty.

1. If you go to work every morning, you will cook a pot of porridge for your family. Will you go to work after eating? No! Some of you will buy a small cake for breakfast at the cake shop on the street corner. Do you know how much heat this delicious cake contains?

2. When I arrive at the company, it will take five minutes to start work after I finish the attendance card! When you enter the office, you bring a cup of Moka charcoal coffee, add two pieces of sugar, and then finish the cup of coffee, and enter the working state. I asked softly, do you know how much heat this cup of coffee has?

3. Seeing customers outside the company, after a busy morning, you missed the lunch time when you returned to the company. So you easily called out a "Super pizza package ", then let's have a big dinner. Do you know how much calories this pizza has consumed?

4. During the lunch break, you drag your colleagues to window shopping, and two people will enjoy a milkshake in the open-air bar. Do you know how much heat this cup consumes?

5. After three o'clock P.M., you are a little inattentive when you are sitting in front of the computer. Just now, you are still thinking about how to complete the report on hand. Now your thoughts have flown into a pile of snacks. As a result, soda crackers and puffed food appeared one after another, bringing a canned cola to the outside. Do you know how much heat is contained in cola?

6. At six o'clock P.M., the day's work is over, but you are not in a hurry to go home, but spend happyhour with your colleagues in the bar. A cup of beer is your preference. Do you know how much heat is contained in this draft beer?

7. When I get off work early and don't go to Happy Days with my colleagues, dinner will naturally go home to cook. Sometimes when you get lazy, let the whole family eat your hands and cool in the heat. In addition to the general seasoning, you also like to add peanut butter, so two teaspoons of peanut butter into your bowl. Do you know how much heat two teaspoons of peanut butter contain?

8. at ordinary times, braised eggplant is also your best dish. It is delicious only when the oil is put too much. You have summed up this experience, so each time it is a spoonful (15 ml) of soy salad oil. Do you know how much heat this 15 mL soy salad oil brings?

9. At half past eight in the evening, you put your child in bed, and your time is at your discretion. Lying on the sofa, putting "pinke" potato chips, "getting better" Shrimps, and banana slices on the coffee table, you started to "sofa potato, people who eat snacks while watching TV are "sofa potatoes. Do you know how much heat is contained in 195 grams of potato chips?

10. During the weekend, no matter how McDonald's or KFC is seen, he will definitely go in. After ordering the child's favorite chicken hamburger, you also need one. Do you know how much calories a chicken burger contains in this package?

Correct answer:

1. A 140-gram cheesecake contains 435 million calories. It consumes nearly 900 million calories twice a week, and 46800 million calories a year, one gram of fat provides 9 kilobytes of calories, which is equivalent to 9600 grams of fat in a year, which is terrible. If the breakfast of the two cakes is changed to porridge, a bowl of porridge is 388. 74 kilojoules (93 kilojoules) can consume 155195 kilojoules (37128 kilojoules) less in a year ).

2. the charcoal coffee does not contain sugar, and the heat is 0. However, the two sugar cubes have 810 calories. If you have a cup of coffee each day and two sugar cubes each time, there will be calories each month, which can be imagined in a year. If you reduce the amount of sugar, you can consume less than 1692 in a month. 405 focal points (kcal ). You can also change to green tea, with a heat of 0 and refreshing.

3. Super pizza is the highest type of heat in pizza, and the 10-inch size contains 1280 Kcal of heat. In contrast, vegetables and seafood have lower calories, and you can cut off 1/4 for the next meal to avoid excessive calories at a time.

4. A milkshake is a fast drink with a very high heat. A cup of 300 ml milkshake has a heat of up to 332 kcal. If you really care about your shape, advise you not to drink milkshakes. Because a cup of milkshake provides heat equivalent to 37 grams of fat, it's terrible!

5. The sugar content in ordinary Cola is high. A canned Cola is only 355 ml, but contains 136 calories. it is wise to change it to a low sugar or sugar-free type, such as jianyi Coca-Cola, it not only satisfies the preference for cola, but does not consume too much calories, it contains 4 calories. Focal points (GPUs) are not available.

6. A cup of 500 ml fresh beer contains 180 calories, and a 30 ml whisky is only 70 kilobytes, so that you can taste the wine without consuming too much calories.

7. Two teaspoons (10 ml) of peanut butter contain 60 kilobytes of calories. Although summer dinners seem light, they also need to prevent excessive calories.

8. 15 mL soy salad oil contains 120 calories. All vegetable oils are pure fat and contain very high calories, so be sure to use them less during cooking.

9. 195 grams of potato chips contain 1085 calories. Potato itself is a high-sugar food (high starch content), when processing into potato chips, the production process added fat to enhance the taste, the meat can not see out, these factors have led potato chips to join the ranks of high-calorie foods.

10. A 170-gram chicken burger containing 466 calories, coupled with a high-calorie fries and cola, has a high total heat.

Methods to avoid high-calorie food intake:

1. Prepare a card, record the heat value of high-calorie food on it, and put the card into your wallet. Every time you open your wallet without being tempted by food, you will be reminded to think twice when you see the cards lying in it.

2. Try to fill your refrigerator with fruits and vegetables instead of cakes and potato chips. Single mm, you can experience the feeling of not eating grains or fireworks on earth over the weekend. Just have a big fruit dinner. At night, you can squeeze some fruit juice by yourself, low-calorie pure natural health drinks can also be used with fruit juice melon slices for skin care.

3. Try to write a bill for three months to see how much high-calorie food and drinks you have purchased during this period of time. Hundreds of dollars? Thousands of RMB? Isn't it more than this number? Imagine if you save the money, buy a long dress that has a high requirement on your body for a long time, or buy a fitness card (for energy, rather than weight loss )...... It is more meaningful than blindly consuming high-calorie foods, because those things, after comforting your stomach, will also let you spend your time removing the excess.

Note: In a normal workday, if you have only three of the above 10 behaviors, such as breakfast, 140 grams of cheesecake, 435 Kcal in calories, and a cup of coffee at work, two sugar cubes are added with 27 kcal. A milkshake and 332 kcal are used during lunch break. Only these three items are 794 calories, while adult women require 1900 calories a day ~ 2100 Kcal. Not counting the amount of calories consumed by the dinner, the amount of calories contained in these three meals is about 50% of the daily requirement. This is the "Heat Trap". Please be cautious.

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