Why are the compiled classes in MVN install in lower case?

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Two days ago, I encountered a very strange problem. In eclipse, I used Maven install to compile all the compiled files. the names of the class files are changed to lower-case letters, causing compilation failure for the projects that reference these classes later! I searched the internet and almost never encountered such a strange problem. Later I suspected it was a problem with the Java version or Maven plug-in. After trying a new JDK and re-installing the maven plug-in, the problem persists! The cluster crashed. Later I asked a question on the Forum, but it was actually a question about clearcase!

Solution: Go to control panel --> clearcase --> mvfs, Check case insensitive mvfs and case preserving, and restart CC. The reason is as follows:

"Clearcase case sensitivity

The case sensitivity of CC varies with OS. mvfs in UNIX is case sensitive, while mvfs in Windows is case insensitive. I have summarized the case sensitive content in Windows based on my own experience.

In Windows, case-insensitive and case-preserving are used. As a result, the default mvfs configuration is case-insensitive and letter-insensitive. (This can be seen in the CC console, such as Figure 1) in this configuration, mvfs converts all uppercase letters in the file name into lowercase letters for storage. All mvfs operations for case-sensitive configuration under windows are performed in clearcase
Control Panel mvfs configuration. (Note: configuration operations on mvfs must be restarted to take effect .)

Case Sensitive Configuration Options
Performance instance

Case Insensitive
Case preserving


1. mvfs is case insensitive. Use CC in the command line to enter a directory or operate on files, which is case insensitive.
2. When you create a view-private file in dynamic view, mvfs automatically converts uppercase letters into lowercase letters.


1. mvfs is case insensitive. Use CC in the command line to enter a directory or operate on files, which is case insensitive.

2. mvfs protects the case sensitivity of the newly created view-private file name. How to store mvfs named by view-private file.

1. mvfs is case sensitive. Use CC in the command line to access a directory or operate on files, which is case sensitive.
2. mvfs protects the letters in the names of all created files.

Note: * indicates the selected

Case sensitivity in snapshot and web views
Snapshot and web views use a local file system for read OperationsComposition. In a Windows File System, the file name is case-insensitive and is usually letter-protected when it is created. The UNIX file system is case sensitive and the file name is always letter-protected when it is created.

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