Why do we need to build a website and develop a system?

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Business Scope:
1. Website Construction
(Foreign Trade website construction brand website shopping mall distribution Website other personalized customization)
2. mobile applications)
3. H5 marketing game development
(Marketing solution planning game customization Development)
4. System Development (oa crm erp)
5. Basic Support (domain name registration VPs virtual host enterprise mailbox server lease)
Our advantages:
New Generation Website Construction Technology-multi-screen adaptation: computers, tablets, mobile phones, and websites are in place in one step. Guangzhou green tea Information Technology Co., Ltd. is based on technology and targets the customer's industry and corporate image and needs, we have always been committed to providing users with high-quality website construction services with high requirements and pure handwriting code. The price is reasonable and reasonable, so we will not be confused about the price.
After-sales support:
1. provide 24-day telephone service to ensure timely handling of emergencies;
2. Technical support is provided free of charge within one year after the website is officially launched;
3. Provides free repair for bugs and ensures normal system operation;
4. update and maintain the content, and charge fees based on the actual workload;
5. Regularly back up data files and database data to ensure system data;

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Why do we need to build a website and develop a system?

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