Why do we say the sooner the trademark is registered, the better ?! The sooner it is, the more dominant it is ???

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Why do we say the sooner the trademark is registered, the better ?! The sooner it is, the more dominant it is ??? This is determined by the legitimacy and uniqueness of a patent. Only the owner has the permission.

NowTrademarks are not just used to differentiate product categories, but also contain more value. In the recent period, trademark preemptive registration incidents have frequently occurred, making this topic a new stage in history. China's well-known trademarks cannot avoid the fate of preemptive registration outside China. In fact, behind these events, we are enlightened to put a protective shell on our trademarks. Trademark Registration is required at the beginning of the establishment of a new enterprise, so that, under the protection of the law, enterprise business can proceed smoothly. That is, the sooner you apply for a trademark, the better. Once a trademark is found to be retained, You can take effective measures to protect the trademark rights and interests at different stages of the trademark, so what should we do when we really face this?

First, raise an objection to the Trademark Office at the preliminary review and request the Trademark Office to reject the application for preemptive registration, so that the problem can be effectively solved at the source. Second, if the trademark has already been submitted for application, during the review, you need to apply to the Trademark Review Team for revocation. You can also file a lawsuit with the judicial department because the trademark you hold fully enjoys the right to use the trademark.

Another solution is to first register a trademark, and purchase a registered trademark, that is, transfer a trademark. Only in this way can you use the trademark legally.

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