Why does WPS print a sheet but more than one?

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First of all, no one can be sure, exactly what is wrong, we have to from the following three aspects of careful analysis:

Trojan horse or virus in ① computer

There is such a problem, do not rule out the interference of viruses or trojans, please clean up these obstacles according to the situation.

② issues of general nature

1, before the paper to shake a shake, so that each piece of paper do not stick together, there is the paper can not damp. If not, that is, the printer's paper machine is faulty, to repair the point of adjustment on the line.

2, laser printer, if it is often so, then the paging machine is broken;

Inkjet printer, is the feed gear group or rubbing paper wheels.

3, the printer pulley is too wide

③ individual can solve the solution

Install a piece of paper cots do not pull paper, need to install more than two sheets of paper cots can pull paper. In general, the use of alcohol to clean the paper wheel can be solved. General needle or ink-jet printers are equipped with a photoelectric sensor to detect the lack of paper. Under normal circumstances, after the paper is loaded, the photoelectric sensor feels the existence of the paper, produces a telegram return, and gives a paper signal on the control Panel. If the photoelectric sensor is not clean for a long time, the photoelectric sensor surface will be attached with paper scraps, dust, etc., so that the sensor surface dirty, can not be properly photosensitive, there will be false positives. These kinds of phenomena are basically the same problem, the surface of photoelectric sensor is dirty. Unplug the power and open the cover. For most stylus printers (such as Epson lq-1600k, STAR-3200, etc.), take off the upper cover, you have to first parallel to the print head on the lower part of the print head off a small cover plate (about 20 centimeters long 1 cm wide), push the print head to the middle of this (inkjet printer generally does not have this small cover plate) , so you can take off the lid, or you can't get it down. Remove the screws around the printer (most at the bottom of the printer), slowly move the shell can be taken apart, and then remove the black into the paper cots, pay attention to the two sides of the feed roller by a notch through two pieces of iron card, as long as push it, so that it around the paper roll rotation, you can take the paper roll. At this point can see the paper roll under a small photoelectric sensor, clear the dust around, with alcohol cotton light wipe bald, wipe off dirty, reinstall good paper roll, cover, etc., Power on the boot, problem solving.

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