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Foxmail can not normally send mail, generally due to the following problems, please check each:

Small series recommend: Foxmail why not Send mail

I. Account configuration

1, the main interface click "Tools"-"account Management", the left to select the account, the right select "Server" to check whether the incoming mail server (SMTP) is filled in correctly.

2, under normal circumstances, "server" page in the middle of the "Send server needs Authentication" is required to check, click "Settings" to confirm ESMTP verify information is set correctly. (Generally choose to use the same information as the IMAP/POP3 server), you need to pay special attention to some servers require the use of the first half of the e-mail address (that is, the e-mail address, the "@" character on the left), but some mail servers need to use the full e-mail address, After the problem is encountered, it is recommended that you replace the attempt in both of these items. )

3. Under the Server page, find advanced, check the port and secure connection settings correctly after clicking.

4, some servers need to be in the "server" page under the "Advanced" check "if the server support, use STARTTLS encrypted transmission", such as vip163 account, Hotmail account (including @hotmail.com, @live. com and @live.cn) and so on.

Second, anti-virus software

Partial anti-virus software's mail monitoring function may cause the Foxmail not to receive the mail normally, please turn off the anti-virus software The mail monitoring function, or temporarily disables the anti-virus software to confirm.

Third, network and proxy settings

1, because of the network reason, cannot connect with the server. Check that your network environment is correct.

2, the main interface click "Tools"-"System Settings"-"Network" Check the Foxmail 7 mail client system proxy settings are correct.

3, the main interface click "Tools"-"account Management", the left to select the account, the right select "Server", in the "server" page below to find "advanced"-"Proxy settings", check whether the account set up an independent agent.

Four, the account number of the SMTP feature is enabled

Please confirm that the account has SMTP features enabled, such as QQ mailbox Pop3/imap function is to be manually enabled (QQ Mailbox Top "Settings"-"Account"-"POP3/IMAP/SMTP service").

Five, Gmail account POP3 characteristics

If you use the POP3 agreement to collect Gmail accounts, please pay special attention to the Gmail account of each message only allowed to be pop once, not two, or the second pop the same message, if there are two or two times the same message processing needs, it is recommended to replace the IMAP protocol.

Six, server space is full

Make sure that the server space is full, and that the message will be properly collected if it is full.

Vii. account Whether there is a traffic restriction strategy

NetEase to other clients charge 126, 163 mailbox, have to do IMAP traffic restriction strategy, specific details can call NetEase customer service inquiries related details.

Viii. whether the Hosts file has been modified, causing the server IP of the account to be changed.

Nine, Hotmail mailbox for the first time to receive mail, you need to login to the Web mailbox confirmation operation.

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