Why I don't recommend you to outsource the company

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We have a voice, speak freely, and talk about the experience of working outside the package, as well as the non-outsourcing experience.

Things have two sides, there is a reason for existence, we analysis and analysis, the following article in some aspects of the sharply, some said and not generalize.

Everyone according to their own experience to talk, the benevolent see of the beholder.

In fact, everyone in the heart every day like a mirror to understand "low-tech outsourcing has no future", many people think outsourcing without technology, in fact, this idea is not right, there are a large number of foreign high-end technology outsourcing business waiting for us to do, but a rhetorical question "What can you do?" "Now most of the companies are developing 4 months on average per project, and then they're going to do another project, from Java. NET c C + + to RPG that you haven't heard of, and a 7-year-old outsourcing staff can say that more than 10 development languages have done dozens of cases, But we dare not say that we have the technology, why? Very simple We just code, listen to is coding, and is in other people to develop a good framework for coding, you are dry 100 years also can not improve, we are filled with quantity is an assembly workers, we all know that technology is to accumulate, no accumulation there is no progress, our country's automobile industry is to go this road, the former Toyota, Ford, GM in China, we just put someone else's engine, transmission, plus their own cheap car parts to produce a high cost-effective car, as the cost of workers is rising, this cost-driven outsourcing can be maintained for how long? Take a look at the Honda strike, and see the Fuji Jump! Here really should praise the Geely, Mister really have the courage to have foresight, the proposal software manufacturers are learning auspicious bar, this is called Cow B. I hope China's future software can be the same as the ut of China out of the world and foreigners to compete against, such a software industry is a tan living water, light on the low cost of human resources is not long to go, not far.

The old saying goes: Good iron does not hit nails. Today I would like to say that good programmers do not outsource the company. This view is expected to be objected to, and I believe that any non-technical posts will have supporters and opponents. Today I'm going to talk to you about why you don't outsource a company, especially if you want to go a long way on the technology path and be a good programmer.

Our workers in a company can stay for two reasons: 1, money, high wages, 2, there is room for development, in fact, is to learn something, can have precipitated things, the future can earn more money. I'm going to start with these two points about why not outsource the company:

The first is money, you may feel that outsourcing companies to pay a little more than the average non-outsourcing company will give a bit higher, this is relatively personal.

One of the major features of the operating model of an outsourcing company is the cost of manpower, that is, people are costs, such as your salary is 1w per month, then you are sent to other companies, you may be sold to 2w,3w one months, or even higher. But even if you are a person's gross profit is 120,000, but the company has a lot of people can not be sent out, such as administrative AH finance AH, procurement and so on managers ah, there is the company's operating costs, water and electricity rent and so on, so a calculate down, you sell the gross profit is not much, how to do, do the volume, So you will find that outsourcing companies are big companies, there are thousands of people or even thousands of people, the amount of money up, the profit is more ah, so small outsourcing companies are difficult to survive.

You may think that other non-outsourcing companies are also cost-to-manpower? Here is to say that the non-outsourcing company's sales of projects and products, plainly is the software system, outsourcing companies sell people, one is labor-intensive enterprises, one is a knowledge-intensive enterprise, non-outsourcing companies calculate the human cost as part of the overall project cost, The labor cost of the outsourcing company is the price of the raw material for the company to sell the products.

For example, a non-outsourcing company may take a project, the project contract amount 1 million, the company may have 3 people to do half a year is enough, that according to the cost of manpower 3*10000*6=18 million, then the project gross margin, 820,000. For the moment, it is easy to calculate this gross margin, and you will certainly be presented with a variety of costs that need to be calculated (and I know). And the outsourcing company's 3 people half a year's gross profit can be how many, assuming 3 people each salary 10,000, sell price 20,000, then half a year for the company's profit margin is how much? *6=18 (20,000-10,000) million.

We should be able to see some of the doorways, OK, so I'll talk about wages and benefits.

Non-outsourcing companies focus on talent, because talent can bring greater benefits for him, the company will be to retain talent, consider giving employees a raise, plus benefits, in short, to do all kinds of ways to retain staff. And the outsourcing company will not, because the above formula (20,000-10,000) *6=18 million if 10,000 becomes 15,000, the gross margin is much less, because the other values will not change, your personal bid price is higher, the selling rate is the cost, so you can earn less profit, Outsourcing companies will not give you higher wages, even if the increase is negligible, if you do not, you can go, you go the outsourcing company may recruit a cheaper person to replace your job.

The welfare, said before the outsourcing company want to make money must do quantity, human sea tactics, labor-intensive enterprises, because you can create value in outsourcing company like Bucket, also because you this bucket contribution, cause the company to your any benefits all make you this bucket become smaller, so what year-end award, insurance AH , Provident Fund Ah, subsidy ah, physical examination, company travel, party and so on this kind of welfare basically do not think, like insurance may be the national law must be on, so the company will give you the lowest, because too many people, everyone's yield is so low, so give you benefits is to increase costs, reduce their own income.

After talking about money development space, to talk about the development of space will have to say that the cause of the formation of outsourcing companies.

Everyone knows that early years, make it the wages of the people is relatively high, a company, if not so many projects, the light of these technical personnel, the actual operating costs are really not low, but these technical staff can not be raised, because if once the project, no one do that also not, That simple for this project to find a group of technical personnel, once the project is over, the next project does not know when to come, these people how to do? There is another situation is the lack of technical capabilities, such as a company project needs to do SAP interface, but the company did not do this, but not alone for the project to find a sap, so at that time, the leadership of the very headache, recruit too much, no project headache, with the project, people not enough headaches.

Therefore, there is a demand for the market, outsourcing companies have emerged, specifically for the above-mentioned companies to solve the problems encountered above.

It is important to note that if a non-outsourcing company needs to outsource the company's personnel, must have the work experience, the newly graduated student certainly is not, unless you can muddle through. In other words, I need the outsourcing staff is to work, to solve our existing manpower can not solve the problem, is I want to outsource the company's personnel existing technical knowledge, rather than give you outsourcing company personnel to learn technology training opportunities, have this opportunity, I will train our own company's personnel, why should cultivate outsourcing staff.

Do you think you'll have anything to precipitate after two years in the outsourcing company?

In addition to the above-mentioned money and development space, there are several reasons, can not go to outsource the company.

    • To outsource the company, you will often go to various companies to interview, outsourcing company hiring when the general will call and you say, "Hello, we have a send to Microsoft Ah, Motorola, etc position", then you will first go to Microsoft interview, Microsoft interview passed, outsourcing company will sign the contract with you, is sales drive procurement, First sell you to really buy you, such as Microsoft Motorola AH so the company's project is over, you will be asked to go to other companies for the interview, you may be at that time to work conveniently, rented a house in the North five ring, the result of the next foreign company to the South five ring, you are miserable.
    • It said that you can re-interview through the situation, assuming that you are returned to the first company, then the company will be scheduled to go to the company every day to interview, until you are bought, but if there is no company in one months to buy you, that is, you are not enough to pick up one months (and Miss), the company will consider to give you Here to remind everyone, outsourcing companies and you sign the contract is generally signed: basic salary of 2000 per month, bonus 8000; So the contract is actually to give you less insurance, less pay Provident Fund, the most important thing is to cut your compensation can be in accordance with 2000, but the outsourcing company generally will also very shameless and you say , the contract was signed to give you a tax evasion. Shameless to the extreme.
    • Outsourcing companies do not have a sense of belonging, even if you send to Microsoft, IBM and other companies, you are second-level employees. This is my own experience.

In fact, now to outsource the company's people, I analyze nothing but three kinds of people:

    • A person who has no idea what the outsourcing is all about;
    • In order to take a little more money, some people if the non-outsourcing company may only get 6000 yuan, but to outsource the company may get 7000 yuan, this kind of person, I would like to remind you, to non-outsourcing companies, as long as you do a good job, this 6000 may become 10000, but to outsource the company you that 7000 yuan, Two years later the death became 7500.
    • Is someone who can't find a job at all, because outsourcing companies do the volume, a large number of foreign personnel to other large companies, is to sell people, there will be bundled sales situation, they will and other companies say, you want to buy us these people, we also want to buy our few people, hehe, this can be very very cheap buy garbage, Bundled out of the sale.

I hope that everyone carefully choose their own occupation, not two years later, said to himself, "Young do not know how to choose a career" and the like.

Why I don't recommend you to outsource the company

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