Why is my win7 system desktop shortcut icons suddenly disappearing

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Desktop icons have always been our use of computers, use the most places, whether it is to open the software, or to find things, everyone is accustomed to using the desktop shortcut icon to open, which makes us more convenient to use the computer, but a friend asked me his computer disappeared for no reason some icon, Of course, he doesn't know exactly what he's missing.


The specific description of the desktop icon disappearing problem:

Because he has the effect of the software shortcuts will produce one to the desktop, his desktop shortcuts are very much, there should be more than 60 bar, so disappear what he did not know, but he was sure that no one has moved his computer, and he has not moved the desktop quick way.


The reason for disappearing:

This is because the Win7 system comes with a feature that automatically deletes these invalid icons when the Win7 system detects that the shortcut to your desktop is invalid with more than 4 icons.


How the invalid icon was created

A lot of us manually to the software right click Production shortcuts, when we delete the software, the desktop shortcuts are usually not followed. The shortcut to the desktop is the invalid icon.

The above is about why my win7 system desktop shortcut icons suddenly disappear. This feature is very useful for individuals, especially those who are used to putting things on the table. It's OK to know why it disappeared.

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