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Why a working programmer is better than an opposition programmer
1. Working programmers have to do the company's endless, low-tech task every day, and the opposition doesn't need it.
2. Working programmers are writing programs to earn a living, with less money to smoke cigarettes that are below 5 dollars. The opposition is either students or the family is rich, naturally more inspired
3. Working programmers are generally single, with more than 2 girlfriends in opposition. There's a woman behind a successful man,
4. The incumbent programmer is afraid to be known by the company for his private single left hidden right. The business of the opposition is called the Soho clan.
5. Become a working programmer to learn technology every day before the Internet to learn technical articles. After the job, in addition to looking at Boss's task mail. Even the English manual can not understand.
6. To become a working programmer will be a lot of technology, overcome the difficulties of good spirit. After the job, except to know System.Data and System.Data.SqlClient other libraries have forgotten
7. The incumbent programmer wants to be a wild programmer again a few years later. The opposition programmers want to become working programmers, so the role of the exchange, the master and rookie again swap.
8. If the incumbent programmer is a master so overtime is common, physical condition is very bad, dead early. Those who survive are rookie or project managers.

From the old blog http://chicyu.bokee.com/viewdiary.13305144.html

This is a brilliant article, and most of any programmer will eventually turn into a working programmer, and the life of a working programmer in a good development team might not be so boring.

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