Why to rely on friends chain, outside the chain to enhance the ranking of the site has become the past

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Still miss the days before, spend a little money to find a few sites linked friendship links, such as a few days after the site's keyword rankings went up, but also remember the previous need to keep the site for the release of the chain, the site's ranking on the move forward. And now, no matter the webmaster you spend more money to buy links, the site ranking is not up, regardless of the webmaster your chain thousands of tens of thousands of, the ranking of the site is still not up, this rely on friends chain, outside the chain to improve the ranking of the site has become the site optimization of the past-style.

The simple and easy way to optimize the site has not adapted to the current search engine needs, now the search engine needs is genuine content construction, we can see a lot of high ranking of the site of their site outside the chain or even less than 10, but the site is high ranking, the author has studied several such sites, found Three features: 1, the site template is original, basically no the same industry template appears; 2, the site has a wealth of construction sites, every day in the update of a large number of original articles, 3, the site uses the Baidu's products. The following is a specific discussion based on these three features.

The original template is beneficial to the site's collection, Baidu search engine is now the site's requirements is to remove plagiarism and imitation, so the original template can be very good for the site to bring Baidu search engine trust, with the search engine algorithm changes, previously rely on a simple blog, forum can quickly improve the site ranking of the construction station Way has passed , the original has become a prerequisite for the development of the website, if you want to establish a new station, then the author suggested that you should be the best to modify the site template, your own site template to create a unique, so that can get the trust and support of search engines.

Website Update original content has become the common ground of most sites now, lost the original content of the site is like lost soul, Baidu from the K-station in the June storm to now, I feel the biggest or in the content, remember before we just need to update content on the site, And then in the reprint to form the chain can be included in the site of the article, and now this method has failed, now is Baidu Spiders first crawl who site on the site content, so daily update a large number of original articles on the site is very necessary, which is the core of the development of the site and the core power, Lost the original article is like lost wings, the impact on the site is very large.

Most of these high ranking sites use Baidu products, the most common is Baidu statistics, these three sites are in use, I think with the continuous development of Baidu, Baidu's products have gradually become a prerequisite for the development of the site, perhaps in the eyes of Baidu search engine your site does not use its products it will not give you a good face, So I suggest that regardless of webmaster you think Baidu's products have no effect, we can use or as far as possible, in the use of Baidu products can also be used to use other products, one is actually the development of the Web site, do not worry about this is to please Baidu, in fact, this is the site development of the necessary products.

The current ranking of the site is not dependent on the friend chain, outside the chain can ascend up, rely on the friend chain and outside the chain of this optimization behavior has become the site optimization of the past, through the above three points analysis I believe that the webmaster has found their own web site development routes, as long as the webmaster can adhere to these routes to go on, Then the ranking of your site will definitely be your special rights. This article comes from the Shenzhen website Construction http://www.0755hsl.com, reprint retains the author link, thanks.

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