Why you should engage in BPM development

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With the rapid development of the Internet, cloud computing, big data from the "hot spot" to the landing, software developers are no longer for data storage, data analysis and struggling; the mobile internet era, Android, iOS platform gives the software developers a larger stage space, open source environment matures, domestic and foreign open source sharing platform rapid development, The open source software library has created many legendary products ... The development direction of software developers is increasingly diverse. Similarly, BPM development, as one of the directions of software development, is increasingly favored by software developers.

For BPM Development, many software developers still stay in the early concept phase, for BPM development is OA, workflow, etc., using open source process platform or pure code development, the surface of the cost is reduced, the actual overall cost is higher, and the project cycle is not controllable, the project quality is not controllable, the delivery of product scalability is poor, Later maintenance is very difficult. This has led to a number of good software developers who are deterred by BPM development. In fact, business process management software (BPM) has experienced many changes in the country already.

Let's take a look at the industry background first.

From the technical changes of BPM, 2010 ago, the domestic BPM products are basically very professional middleware-grade products, complex state machine, activities, events and other concepts flooded among them, only a high level of development and implementation personnel to control. Since 2010, several BPM vendors, represented by H3, have transformed BPM from middleware to a "process rapid development platform", and BPM as a development tool for it, centered on conventional concepts such as processes, forms, and general IT staff. Now that BPM has changed from a fast-track development platform to an operations-level product, a common BPM developer can easily get started and develop processes through autonomous learning.

From the perspective of software development, the size of the software development team tends to be smaller, the working methods tend to be faster, and more than half of the software developers will choose to use the easy-to-utilize software development tools in their work. For BPM developers, BPM development tools should naturally be easy to learn, easy to use and efficient. With its easy-to-use, powerful scalability and integration capabilities and low cost, H3 BPM is ideal for BPM developers to use as an easy-to-use BPM development tool.

Finally, the BPM market development, BPM is hailed as a bridge between business and it communication, from Huawei, Haier, Vanke, the United States, China letter, Longhu and other well-known enterprises of the success of the process, excellent flow management has become the standard of well-known enterprises. Similarly, in this enterprise digital Information age, based on the necessary considerations of enterprise overhaul, more and more enterprises choose BPM. It turns out that, as an effective force for enterprise development, BPM can integrate business processes and information resources with agility and efficiency. According to Gartner Market Analysis, the global BPM market share was $2.76 billion in 2015. For the enterprise software market, this space is obviously not small.

From the BPM technology change, software development and BPM market, we have explained why we are engaged in BPM development, and I wonder if you see that you are confident about the future of BPM development?

If you are fully aware of the importance and urgency of BPM development, then proceed to the next topic: Java and. NET two languages, which do you use?

This does not need to be tangled, although the domestic and global BPM systems are so varied that they cannot escape from the Java and. NET two frameworks. For a long time, the BPM market did not have a set of BPM development tools with Java and. NET architecture. Now, H3 BPM launches the Java EE and. NET dual-version, front-end page unified, pure HTML to do with language-independent, background services are divided into Java and. NET, the implementation of automated test unit testing technology, so that the development cycle greatly reduced, significantly reduce development costs. For developers who specialize in a language architecture, H3 can meet the requirements of any choice, and for developers who use both language architectures, the H3 can be used to reduce the learning and development costs of BPM.

BPM development is the trend, this blog will start from a simple configuration, hand-in-hand for everyone to explain the BPM development. 0 Basic introduction, so that everyone can become the BPM development of people!

Why you should engage in BPM development

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