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Windows7, as Microsoft's next-generation operating system, has a more cool and cooler functional experience, with increasing market penetration since it was officially released. Windows Desktop is the nature of the first contact with the people, but also contact more interface. Let's take a look at some tips for win7 in desktop window display.

One, the desktop window side technique

In the use of computer work, learning, sometimes encounter some need to compare documents or materials, window rotation view, unavoidably inconvenient, and even the content will be omitted. Now, the WIN7 system provides a quick and easy technique for side-by window.

Figure 12 Window Display

How to: First hold down one of the content windows, drag to the left (right) side of the desktop, and then you can display its window as half of the screen size, and then drag another content window to the right (left) side of the desktop to show the other half of the screen size, which makes the user's content more convenient.

Second, drag the window to maximize

In Win7, the application window to maximize, there is a more covert operation technique, that is, use the mouse to hold down the application window, drag its upper edge to the top of the desktop, display a border around the desktop, release the mouse, you can quickly maximize the window.

Third, the other windows quickly minimized

In Win7, by using the Shake feature, you can quickly minimize all other windows except the windows that are being used on the desktop. How to: Simply hold down the title bar of the program window you are using, and then shake the window, and all other open windows will be minimized quickly, which is interesting.

This makes it easy to display the program window you are using without worrying about being disturbed by other windows. If you need to restore the original state of other windows, just once again to the use of the program window, shaking operation can be.

Iv. Desktop Wallpaper Auto-change

Win7 Operating system desktop display has been improved to achieve automatic desktop style, and without the need to install wallpaper replacement tool, you can easily implement wallpaper automatically rotated in the form of a slide show.

Figure 2 Personalized Settings

How to: In the desktop space, right click "Personalized", start the "personalization" interface, and then click on the "desktop background." Enter the desktop background settings interface, users can choose to set the desktop theme and theme style, sound settings, desktop background slide show, and so on. When you set up desktop wallpaper rotation, you can choose between interval time and unordered playback.

Figure 3 Setting the desktop background

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