Win 8.1 New features support NFC printing and WiFi hotspots

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According to reports from foreign media, Microsoft recently unveiled more detailed features of Windows 8.1 at the TechEd conference in New Orleans, which includes support for NFC printing and Wi-Fi hotspot features. For enterprise users, the addition of these two features will undoubtedly make Windows 8.1 more practical.

Microsoft has said in the Windows business and springboard blogs that Windows 8.1 will allow the PC to connect to the printer in an NFC way, completing the print task. Of course, the premise is that both PCs and printers must be equipped with NFC modules. Microsoft said: "With Windows 8.1, you no longer need to look for the right printer or purchase a special printer over the network." Now you just have to paste the NFC tag onto an existing printer. "In addition to supporting NFC printing, Windows 8.1 allows users to connect Wi-Fi printers and print files without installing specific drivers." In addition, after upgrading Windows 8.1, users can also connect to a Miracast-enabled display via Bluetooth and NFC.

Another upgrade to Windows 8.1 is the addition of Wi-Fi hotspot features. With Wi-Fi hotspot features, users can turn their PCs into a router that shares network connectivity with other devices. At the same time, if an application needs to be connected to a VPN, the user can establish a VPN connection by clicking only once, which greatly simplifies the connection process.

In terms of security, Windows 8.1 also has new support for fingerprint recognition and virtual Smart card. At the same time, Windows Defender security software will be able to detect network behavior to ensure PC security. For enterprise users, Windows 8.1 allows IT administrators to customize the Windows Start interface for Employee PCs. If an employee works with a private PC, Windows 8.1 also allows private PCs to connect to the corporate network and get relevant content, as well as delete company-related files while retaining employee private files.

Microsoft also added an API interface named OMA-DM in Windows 8.1. Through this interface, enterprises can use third-party software such as mobile iron and Air Watch to manage PCs in the enterprise.

In addition, a new feature named workplace will be added to Windows 8.1. When it comes to this feature, Microsoft said: "Workplace,it administrators can better manage enterprise resources." If a user registers the device he is using on the corporate network, the IT administrator can set the access rights of the device to ensure the security of the enterprise resources. ”

Of course, enterprise users will be more concerned about these Windows 8.1 upgrades. For individual users, Microsoft has previously said that Windows 8.1 will provide more personalized interface settings, improve search capabilities and fully support SkyDrive cloud storage.

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