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git installation steps

1. Select the downloaded installation package

2. The installation procedure is omitted, the next step can be directly.
The following picture appears to install successfully

Cloning an existing repository using the Git GUI

1. Create a new folder locally test, select and right click on the git GUI here
appear, select the second, clone the already existing warehouse

2. Fill in source location and Target Directory

3. Complete the Clone
Click on the clone, you will be prompted to enter your GitHub username and password, the following interface appears, cloning completed. You can look at the files you cloned locally.

Using the Git GUI for push operations

1. Modify the property configuration-change to Utf-8

2. After obtaining the change file, select Stage Changed. I added a file locally

3. Select Stage Changed and select Yes in the new pop-up window

4. Then click Commit, click Push, enter your username and password, and submit to the remote repository. is a remote repository, you see the content you just submitted

Remote and merge operations

1. After the service end multiplicity The project, push the local file directly, or modify the local file, the same error will occur when the file is scanned for changes, due to the conflict between Git local and server side file inconsistency.

2. In this case, you will need to pull the file from the remote repository to resolve the merge conflict problem and push

1. Get the latest changes to the repository git fetch. Select Remote->fetch From-origin, also need to enter the project user name and password

Show after success

2. Resolve File conflict Issues
Menu->merge->local Merge, select the merge button in the Merge pop-up window and a success pop-up window will appear after success.

3. If a file conflict is detected after the merge, the command failed will be prompted to fail, and the Git GUI will get to the conflict file, the resolution of the conflict file, you can right-click to use the remote version or local version, and the Local has been opened, is the prompt for overwritten. Follow this method to resolve the conflicting files.

Win under git GUI tutorial

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