WIN10 Remote Desktop has an authentication error, the required function is not supported

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Yesterday using Remote Desktop, unexpected discovery is not connected to the test environment. The colleagues around me also have no connection. At first the remote machine might be out of the question, but then the troubleshooting confirmation was a machine problem. The reason in the night before with the machine automatically upgraded the system patches, there are some netizens reflect the problem. Here, Mark's solution to this type of problem.

Remote Desktop has an authentication error and the required function is not supported
An authentication error have occurred and the required function is not supported
Windows 7 (Win7) Telnet Server was previously normal, and today's logon to Remote Desktop has been such an error.
Windows Ten (WIN10) has an authentication error that requires an incorrect function, which may be due to CREDSSP encryption for Oracle remediation.

You can choose to uninstall the latest update and restart your computer to fix the problem. But it is not advisable to do so.

It is recommended to use Microsoft's official offer to modify local Group Policy:
Edit Group Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Credential Assignment > Encrypt Oracle Remediation Select Enable and select Vulnerable .
Vulnerable – client applications using CredSSP will attack the remote server with support for fallback to an insecure version, but services using CredSSP will accept unpatched clients.
Group Policy, Computer Configuration, administrative Templates, System, Credentials delegation> Enc rypted Oracle remediation Change to vulnerable
Vulnerable–client applications that use CredSSP would expose the remote servers to attacks by supporting fallback to Inse Cure versions, and services that use CredSSP would accept unpatched clients.

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WIN10 Remote Desktop has an authentication error, the required function is not supported

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