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  The method of turning off online search can be achieved by Group Policy, as follows:

1, in the operation of the input gpedit.msc after the return, into Group Policy

2, find the computer Configuration → management template →windows components → search

3. Enable "Do not allow web search" and "do not search in the Web or display web results in search"

4, restart the system after the effective

And then we'll find that the Cortana response to the online search is significantly faster, which can be said to be "instantaneous" response. The Search bar tip text also becomes search Windows, and after clicking, you will find that Cortana prompts you not to use the "interest" feature, because the feature requires networking.

There are two sides to everything, and if you want to speed up, and the Cortana online function is not very dependent on it, this sacrifice is still worthwhile, but if you like the various online content provided by Cortana, it seems acceptable to bear a little bit of cotton.

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