Win2003 Patch IIS application pool failed to start process exit code is 0xffffffff_win server

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Windows 2003 Patch KB982666
May cause the IIS application pool to fail to start

The process exit code is 0xFFFFFFFF

Uninstalling KB982666 can solve the problem

On-line traditional solution two:

IIS 500 error Report "Process exit code is ' 0xFFFFFFFF '" processing scheme
(This fault is only for Windows 2003 systems)
Failure phenomenon:
1.IIS all of the Web site access is 500 error. Once the process pool is started, the server's Web site is accessed and the process pool is automatically shut down.
2. System Log Error: The application pool ' AppPool #1 ' was automatically disabled because of a series of errors in the process that serviced the application pool. ”
3. The system log warns that the process of providing service for application pool ' AppPool #1 ' terminates unexpectedly. The process ID is ' 3968 '. The process exit code is ' 0xFFFFFFFF '. ”
Note: The application pool name is the application pool for IIS native, and the process ID is random
Processing scheme:
Uninstall the Microsoft 2010-6-9th patch, the uninstall should pay attention to the order and relevance, such as unloading a patch, when prompted to call this patch patch, first uninstall the associated patches.
Unload Order:
Security updates for 4.kb979482 Asycfilt.dll (COM components)

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