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Web services, also known as the WWW service, are the most widely used services on the Internet.

Web services are in browser/server mode, where the client uses a browser to access Web pages on the server, and the HTTP protocol is used to transmit data between the client and the server.

The client uses a wide range of browsers, the most commonly used is the Windows system with the Internet Explorer, and other like Firefox (Firefox), Maxthon, 360 browser, etc. are also used more.

The software used on the server side is primarily IIS on the Windows platform and Apache, which is primarily applied to the Linux platform.

IIS (Internet Information Services), an Internet Information service, is a serviced component of the Windows Server system that provides unified WWW, FTP, SMTP services, and Windows Server The IIS version in 2008 R2 is 7.5, which has been significantly improved in terms of security compared to previous versions of IIS.

Let's create a new virtual machine called the Web as a Web server, assign IP address to it, change the computer name to the Web, activate the system, join the domain, and then make a snapshot.

The first is still the need to install the Web server (IIS) role in Server Manager.

IIS 7.5 is split into more than 40 different functional modules, the administrator can customize the installation of the corresponding functional modules as needed, so that the Web site's attack surface reduced, security and performance greatly improved. So, in the "Select role service" step, we use the default setting, which installs only the most basic functional modules.

After the installation is complete, you can manage the IIS Web site through the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager in Administrative Tools, and you can see that a site named "Default Web site" is already in place to open IE browser on the client computer client1. You can access this default Web site by entering the IP address of the Web server in the Address bar.

We can also add a host record to the Web server in the DNS server so that we can access the default Web site through the domain

In fact, as long as the default site slightly modified, it can be used as a real site.

In IIS Manager, click Basic settings in the Actions window on the right side of the default site to see that the physical path to the default site is "%systemdrive%\inetpub\wwwroot" (%systemdrive% represents the disk partition on which the 2008R2 system is installed ), this path corresponds to the site's home directory.

The home directory is the root of the Web site, which holds web pages, pictures, and other data that is used to store Web site folders, and when clients visit the site, the Web server automatically displays the default pages in that folder to the client user.

Open this home directory, you can see that there is already a Web page named iisstart.htm and a picture, which is what we have just seen the default Web page displayed.

If we've made a website, just upload all the files from the site to the home directory. A Web site in a very many pages, you must choose one of the pages as the homepage of the site, that is, the user entered the site domain name directly after the page file opened.

The home page is called the default document in IIS and can be set by opening default document in the main window of the IIS Manager default site.

You can see that the system comes with 5 default documents: Default.htm, Default.asp, Index.htm, index.html, and iisstar.htm, with priority from high to low. The Web file that is the home page of the site must use one of the 5 names above, and if it is a different name, it must be added to the document list.

Below, in the home directory of the default Web site, edit a Web page file named Default.htm (note D to capitalize) in Notepad, and enter some content at random. Then visit the website on the client and find that we can successfully open the homepage of our setup.

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