Win7 32-bit system cannot download files larger than 4G of memory how to resolve

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As you all know, Win7 32-bit system can only store 4G size of files, if more than 4G of memory files can not run in the Windows operating system, and sometimes have to install a file more than 4G memory, then how to solve it? The easiest way to do this is to convert the hard drive format to the NTFS format. The following small series for everyone to demonstrate the specific setup steps.

The specific methods are as follows:

Convert hard disk Format

1, point "Start → procedure → attachment → command" prompt;

2. After opening the window, enter "Convert C:/fs:ntfs" at the prompt of the cursor and return to the carriage. Note that there is a space behind the "covert";

3, then the system will require you to enter a C-Disk volume label, and then enter. Right mouse click on the C disk, and then look at its properties can be found.

Two. Format the hard drive in NTFS format

1, palette the right key--format;

2. The file system chooses the NTFS---to start, but the format will delete all the files in the disk;

Method A direct conversion does not affect the use of the computer, but the format of the method will be the format of your disk to empty all the files, so format before you try to back up the data.

The above is about the Win7 32-bit system can not download more than 4G memory of the solution, if you are not able to download more than 4G memory files and distress, quickly refer to the above tutorial to solve the problem.

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