WIN7 64-bit computer without sound and reloading sound card is useless.

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My Computer is Win7 64, the original has always been a sound, added a memory bar is no sound. It is true that the "Disable signature Jack detection" is turned on and is also used to drive life to reload a lot of sound card drivers. The latest edition.

Later, I turned on the driver management and found that there were 2 sound cards inside. Figure: An HDMI sound card, a sound card. At first I thought it was the problem and then I knew it was not.

For nearly 1 hours, crazy. Finally, we can share the workaround (Backup):

1 The computer stereo is connected to the second row in the middle of the hole. The last hole I used to pick up, because there was a pattern of headphones on it.

2 in the Voice controller select "Speaker" rather than "Realtek digital output", many people will mistakenly think to choose Realtek Digital output

3 There is a sound, but the stereo does not play the music when there will be the sound of magnetic field. My stereo is a USB stereo, I will switch the USB interface after a plug in the normal.

by If your computer doesn't sound, maybe you can try this method.

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