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Today we are going to introduce you to the topic of wireless transmission, which is our common Bluetooth function. Now the smartphone and mobile computer equipment, most of them have Bluetooth function, many people are sent through the Bluetooth mobile phone photos or programs, whether in the convenience or transmission speed, have a lot of advantages. In the same way, we can send the files on the computer to the mobile phone, if you are using the Microsoft Win7 System, then, this only requires a very simple operation can be done.

▲ Send files using bluetooth

▲ Bluetooth Use Wizard

Before sending, we also need to open the phone Bluetooth, and to find a match, of course, this is limited to the first time, and then open, if in the area, will automatically connect.

▲ Turn on the Bluetooth function on the phone

How, send in this way, we do not need to connect the data cable, and can also be sent to multiple users. But perhaps some users said: "I use the genuine win7 system", how did not find this "Bluetooth (Bluetooth)" function? The right mouse button was not found on all the files and no Bluetooth was sent. Then what's the matter?

▲ no Bluetooth to send in the right menu

As shown in the picture above, how does the Bluetooth option in the right-click menu disappear? In fact, the cause of its "Bluetooth" lost most of the reason is very simple, we usually do a lot of wrong operation or use optimization software to optimize the system can lead to the loss of the shortcut sent to Bluetooth. The solution is also very simple, by modifying the "Send to" menu content method to retrieve the missing Bluetooth shortcut can be completely solved.

First, we're going to open Windows Explorer and enter the letters%WINDIR%SYSTEM32 in its address bar, and then press ENTER. So we can open the folder path, we can see that there are a lot of documents, we find documents Fsquirt.exe. Right-click Fsquirt.exe this file with the mouse, and select the "Create Shortcut" option. For the convenience of later use, you can temporarily put its shortcuts on the desktop. In this way, the first step has been completed.

▲ Set Bluetooth shortcuts

Here's the second step, select the "Start" menu, and in its search box input shell:sendto, the computer will automatically find this folder, with the mouse click to open, this is the folder we commonly sent to, in this folder is the file that we often can send to the option. Next, you will cut the new Fsquirt.exe shortcut from the desktop to this folder, and we can rename it, such as Bluetooth devices. After completing the above steps, you can press the right button to choose to send to, you can see the Bluetooth option, you can later file transfer.

▲ the Bluetooth device established

Looking at the picture, the Bluetooth device option appears again and is fully available when needed. But there is one worth noting that before using Bluetooth, click Start and enter Services.msc, press ENTER, what you need to do is check the Bluetooth service inside the services, Bluetooth Support service Two services are enabled, which makes it easy to use the Bluetooth feature.

Read the above introduction, we do not feel that the file transfer, the original Bluetooth is also very convenient ah? Yes, the development of science and technology is to serve us, good at using these skills, it can really give us the work and life has a multiplier effect.

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