win7 boot password forgot how to find the way

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The simplest: when booting to the Welcome screen, press Ctrl+alt+delete, jump out of the account window, enter the user name:Administrator, return, if this account also has a password, then this:

At startup, press F8

Select "Safe Mode with command line"

Select "Administrator" to jump out of "Command Prompt" window

Add Users:net user Asd/add

L Administrator:net localgroup Administrators Asd/add

Restart , select asd to enter

Control Panel ---- user account ---- forgot password user -- delete secret?

I   forgot password, but already logged into the system.

mmc.exe win+r mmc.exe "click OK to enter the console. Open "File" - "add / delete snap-in ", find" Local Users and Groups "in the available snap-in on the left, click" Add " - "Finish" and click "OK". Expand Local Users and groups in the Console root node, select Users, right-click on the right-hand user name, set password, and do not enter the original password.

two , Forget the password, unable to log in the system.

1 Find a PE disk to start the computer

2 after entering PE to c:\windows\system32

(1) The owner of the change Magnify.exe and cmd.exe is:administrators

(2) change the permissions of Magnify.exe and cmd.exe administrators For Full Control

(3) renaming Magnify.exe to be Magnify.exe1 renaming Cmd.exe to be Magnify.exe

3 Changing your password

(1) Restart to Windows 7

(2) Enable Magnifier

(3) the rest is very simple, enter the command " NET user "View user name, then enter command" NET user User name New password "can. (Activate the administrator account using net user administrator/active:yes ) finally shut down the command Prompt window, in the Login password box, enter the new password just set, see if it is successfully entered the system! Finally, don't forget to change the previously moved, renamed files back, this is a serious back door Oh!

4forgot password, unable to login system. This situation is more troublesome to deal with, I tried safe mode,Win7system disk repair, loginWinPE, but can not modify the system files, seemingly beforeVistathat's not the way to use it. And my method and loginWinPEThe modify file method is similar. I need a picture here .UbuntuinstallationCD, the version I used is8.10Desktop version. Select CD to start, enterUbuntuInstall the interface, select the language, and then go to the first "trialUbuntuWithout changing ... ". Next wait to load the file, the time will be slightly longer, after entering the desktop, openWin7of theX:\windows\system32folder, will be here the "Osk.exe"cut to a different location,"Cmd.exe"renamed to"Osk.exe"and then re-boot from the hard disk. to theWin7Login window, click on the "Easy access" icon in the lower left corner of the screen, then tick "Start Screen Keyboard" in the pop-up window and click "OK", at which point the command prompt is started. The rest is very simple, enter the command "NET user"View user name, then enter command"NET userUser name New password "can. Finally, turn off the command Prompt window, enter the new password just set in the Login password box, and see if it is successfully entered the system! Finally, don't forget to change the previously moved, renamed files back, this is a serious back door oh

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win7 boot password forgot how to find the way

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