Win7 computer because the file is damaged cannot enter the system how to do?

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In fact, caused the system can not log in a lot of cases, and the system file error or is damaged in the case will also cause the system can not be used normally, so the situation, how do we do? How do you fix these corrupted files? Below, small series on the introduction of the Win7 in the pure version of the situation encountered, Exactly how to operate.

1. Because the operation is required to log in to the system, so the first thing we have to do is to log in to the system first. First, let's reboot the computer and keep pressing F8. Until you enter the advanced startup options interface.

2. Next, in this interface, we choose to repair the last Known Good Configuration (Advanced) under the computer, and then click Enter to determine. Because the mouse can not be used here, so you can only use the keyboard up and down the next key to operate.

3. However, before this, we need to first put the system can not start to write down the error file, and the way to record the specific path of these files, using the second step into the system after the operation, we find these error files, delete them off.

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