Win7 computer how to turn on stereo mix

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In general, our system is the default channel, and a lot of video, audio files on their own channels, etc. are set, so generally do not need to set the user themselves, but if it involves recording, the situation is not the same, many friends now like to use a computer to record, maybe work, Maybe it's entertainment, but is it too monotonous to be just a voice? A lot of more knowledgeable friends will add background music collocation, this time, need to involve open stereo mix, then how to open the stereo mix in the Ghost Win7? Below, small make up for everybody to operate again!

1. First, we pull out the Win7 computer's running window, the method is very simple, directly on the keyboard at the same time the win+r can be opened, and then we enter the regedit in the Run window and click Return, so you can open the computer's Registry Editor window.

2. In the Registry Editor window, we need to click Expand Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrolclass005settingsfilterrear in the menu on the left, Then right-click on the rear folder, select new two binary values, and then name Digitalinputmonitor Digitalstereomi.

3. After you have created the file, we double-click the two files and then change their numeric data to 1.

4. Finally, we right-click the right data area, select New-Binary value, and then right-click the new item, modify the data value to 01, the front row of 0 do not tube.

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