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First, check whether the Windows 7 family version of the branded machine is authentic "pre-installed"-that is, an operating system with a genuine license from Microsoft and a computer-produced information, such as Lenovo Dell, to ensure a smooth network

Turn on System Restore (My Computer--> Properties--> System Protection--> Select the C disk--> configuration--> Select the top one radio button--> determine--> selected C disk creation)

Then, open windows Anytime Upgrade in Control Panel, enter the following key: the appropriate branding key, and follow the prompts to successfully upgrade to the Windows 7 flagship. (If you do not have the brand's flagship key, you can also lose the other version, the same upgrade)

Then, open windows Anytime Upgrade in Control Panel and enter the following key: 6K2KY-BFH24-PJW6W-9GK29-TMPWP; As prompted, it will successfully upgrade to the Windows 7 flagship.

Friendly tips:

No doubt: Genuine "OEM" key + Microsoft Upgrade Server = = Genuine Windows 7 flagship

Windows 7 OEM:SLP KEY collection (up to 2010.3.29, total 65)

Ps:acer Asus Dell Hp-compaq Lenovo Samsung is now fully assembled

Acer/packard Bell/gateway:

Flagship version: FJGCP-4DFJD-GJY49-VJBQ7-HYRR2

Professional Edition: ykhft-kw986-gk4py-fdwyh-7tp9f

Home-High Edition: Vqb3x-q3kp8-wj2h8-r6b6d-7qjb7

Home Base board: MB4HF-2Q8V3-W88WR-K7287-2H4CP

Primary version: Rdjxr-3m32b-fjt32-qmpgb-gcff6


Home-High Edition: 38jtj-vbpfw-xfqdr-pj794-8447m


Flagship version: VQ3PY-VRX6D-CBG4J-8C6R2-TCVBD


Flagship version: 2WX6M-X2HKM-86X8X-2QD44-F3FGJ

Flagship version: 2Y4WT-DHTBF-Q6MMK-KYK6X-VKM6G

Professional Edition: 2WCJK-R8B4Y-CWRF2-TRJKB-PV9HW

Home-High Edition: 2qdbx-9t8hr-2qwt6-hcqxj-9yqtr

Home-High Edition: 7JQWQ-K6KWQ-BJD6C-K3YVH-DVQJG

Home Base edition: 89G97-VYHYT-Y6G8H-PJXV6-77GQM

Primary version: 6K6WB-X73TD-KG794-FJYHG-YCJVG


Flagship version: 342dg-6yjr8-x92gv-v7dcv-p4k27

Professional Edition: 32KD2-K9CTF-M3DJT-4J3WC-733WD

Home-High Edition: 6rbbt-f8vpq-qcpvq-khrb8-rmv82

Home Base board: 36t88-rt7c6-r38tq-rv8m9-wwtcy

Primary version: 36Q3Y-BBT84-MGJ3H-FT7VD-FG72J


Professional Edition: 862R9-99CD6-DD6WM-GHDG2-Y8M37

Professional Edition: Pt9yk-bc2j9-wwyf9-r9dcr-qb9ck

Home-High Edition: c6mhh-trrpt-74tdc-fhrmv-xb88w


Flagship version: MHFPT-8C8M2-V9488-FGM44-2C9T3

Professional Edition: 74T2M-DKDBC-788W3-H689G-6P6GT

Home-High Edition: 4FG99-BC3HD-73CQT-WMF7J-3Q6C9

Home Base board: dx8r9-bvcgb-ppkrr-8j7t4-tjhth

Primary version: Rh98c-m9pw4-6dhr7-x99pj-3fgdb


Home-High Edition: 39qdh-d7mhh-wdmtd-tm2r9-km7db


Flagship: 22TKD-F8XX6-YG69F-9M66D-PMJBM (has been seized by Microsoft, please do not use!)

Flagship version: 6K2KY-BFH24-PJW6W-9GK29-TMPWP

Professional Edition: 237xb-gdj7b-mv8mh-98qjm-24367

Home-High Edition: 27GBM-Y4QQC-JKHXW-D9W83-FJQKD

Home Base edition: 22MFQ-HDH7V-RBV79-QMVK9-PTMXQ

Primary version: 273P4-GQ8V6-97YYM-9YTHF-DC2VP

Primary version: 22p26-hd8yh-rd96c-28r8j-dct28


Home-High Edition: 38GRR-KMG3D-BTP99-TC9G4-BBDJJ


Home-High Edition: 2P2P9-CM3F8-FTV6P-PC7CX-8TFF7


Home-High Edition: 4g3gr-j6jdj-d96pv-t9b9d-m8x2q

Primary version: 2W4DJ-JFFJV-DMCPP-2C3X8-883DP

Primary version: 2YKPV-BFXFW-X8GJQ-9KQFF-KCXGD


Primary version: 2XGHP-9TQK2-8CF28-BM2P2-8FRX8


Flagship version: 49PB6-6BJ6Y-KHGCQ-7DDY6-TF7CD

Professional Edition: Gmjqf-jc7vc-76hmh-m4rky-v4hx6

Home-High Edition: Cqbvj-9j697-pwb9r-4k7w4-2bt4j

Home Base board: 2P6PB-G7YVY-W46VJ-BXJ36-PGGTG

Primary version: Pv9bd-ybrx6-ctmg6-ccmjy-x8xg7


Home-High Edition: HWDFB-YVFG4-3TJ7F-Q3WMT-7B6PH


Flagship version: YJJYR-666KV-8T4YH-KM9TB-4PY2W

Professional Edition: H9m26-6bxjp-xxfcy-7br4v-24x8j

Home-High Edition: H4JWX-WHKWT-VGV87-C7XPK-CGKHQ

Home Base board: YV7QQ-RCXQ9-KTBHC-YX3FG-FKRW8

Primary version: 32j2v-tgqcy-9qjxp-q3fvt-x8bq7


Home Base edition: 9DBMT-GXRWM-6Q9Y3-WMYM8-FJCBW


Professional Edition: 2v8p2-qkjwm-4thm3-74pdb-4p2kh

Home-High Edition: 6B88K-KCCWY-4F8HK-M4P73-W8DQG

Home-High Edition: 6gf36-p4hwr-bff84-6gfc2-bwx77

Home Base edition: 9H4FH-VD69Y-TGBD2-4PM4K-DRMMH

Primary version: TGBKB-9KBGJ-3Y3J6-K8M2F-J2HJQ


Primary version: 7W842-2HCPJ-BC3MJ-B79K6-TD2HQ


Professional Edition: 2W3CX-YD4YJ-DF9B2-V27M6-77GMF

Professional Edition: 6bj27-dvbff-vkqc8-7jpqp-tjkyy

Professional Edition: bv4y4-dvxdt-3fc64-x2qr7-dw82m

Home-High Edition: 2xpwb-q64bj-w8ct3-wjtwt-4dq99

Home-High Edition: Ttjq7-4pfjc-6jfj8-b22vd-vxw88

Home Base edition: 2TY7W-H4DD4-MB62F-BD9C3-88TM6

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