Win7 from the Remote Desktop Connection to use the relevant experience summary ~ All the way to explore!

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A desk high with a desktop computer, but can not always carry it everywhere, so has been using their own 8 years of old notebook, feeling extremely slow. So I would like to use the same server, the computer can be made available remotely at any time.

Implemented using a Remote Desktop connection that comes with Windows. Why not use TeamViewer, anydesk or sunflower software? Because.. That projection is really not strong, is not a drag-and-drop, Windows comes with a really good use, if the LAN to do this Remote Desktop connection, very simple. But outside the network, we should pay extra attention.

Share it, hope everyone less detours

1. Set the login password for your computer (because the remote connection requires a password)

Control Panel-User account-add password, remember this password, this password is used to log on to the system, also used for remote connection login

2. Turn on Remote Desktop Connection

Computer-Right-click Properties-Remote Settings-select Allow only Network Level ... Connection (more secure)

3. Next step, configure Telnet account

Computer-right-properties-Remote settings-Select users-Add-advanced-Find Now-check administrator, OK, then you can see that the Remote Desktop user has administrator this user

4, shut down the firewall (or you can set up a firewall to cancel the Remote Desktop Connection related detection, this can be Baidu search detailed configuration)

Control Panel-System and security-windows Firewall-turn firewall on or off-home and public network two are off

5, the configuration of this time, the same LAN theory has been able to connect. Test mode on another computer

Start Menu Enter Remote Desktop Connection-Open this program

Computer: Enter the IP address of the computer you just configured.

Then, if successful, the Username and password entry box will appear and fill in the Administrator and password you just set.

6.0 before you set up the extranet Remote Desktop Connection, you need to pin the computer IP that is used as the host, you can set the MAC bindings via the router, or you can make the IPV4 settings. Here are the settings for IPV4

You need to change the IP address and default gateway to the IP corresponding to your router.

6, if you want to use an extranet computer to connect to this computer, it needs to be configured separately. Here I slowly groped for a long time ... This thought can be directly mapped through the router port, and then use the router's "Extranet Network management: Port" can be directly connected, but found how all are not connected, later can be kind of try and search, determined the answer! It won't work, because! Home network cannot build server!! Operators will be the home network of these port numbers are sealed, can not get out of the network. A third-party tool is needed to map this computer to the outside network. To enable Remote Desktop Connection to the extranet

There are two software to use nat123 and peanut shells. Peanut shells are recommended here, because nat123 pits me for a long time. Always thought that the problem of configuration, the computer has been transferred, the result of a peanut shell, directly connected to the ...

Baidu Search Peanut Shell-Download install-registration-6 yuan money to activate an intranet penetrate, not to buy traffic should, send 1 g, I even two times, with no 1 m.

After logging into the peanut shell, dot intranet penetrate, will pop window to peanut Shell Background Management page, enter the native IP. Others do not have to change, after the submission of a record. is the local IP map to the external network record. It has a URL and a port number, which is used for the link address of the extranet remote connection.

7, external network Remote Desktop Connection test

If you succeed, you can go to the desktop.

The necessary process is about these steps. But there are a number of problems that may come up. Follow the instructions.

There are probably the following questions.

1, enter the user name password click on the "after Connection" report "the credentials used to connect to cannot work please enter new credentials" error

This error modifies the relevant policies, etc.

2, the local routing under the connection, the external network connection is not on

This problem, check the mappings. Peanut shells and nat123 try it for a change. Check that the mapped IP address is not filled in correctly. Check that the mapped IP address is not fixed.

3, the user name password error

Verify the username and password, if the intranet user is connected to the network, the extranet is not connected, back to the second step

You can use the cmd command line

Ping "IP Address"

Telnet "IP address 3389"

To check connectivity

This can Baidu search for a bit ~

In short, the most likely error is the remote setting of the local account, the policy-related, the external network mapping is unsuccessful or the hidden is unsuccessful. will not prompt you for unsuccessful, can connect, only prompt user name password error.

... Can't remember, go to sleep, continue to make this thing nearly 30 hours, all kinds of problems have met ...

Win7 from the Remote Desktop Connection to use the relevant experience summary ~ All the way to explore!

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