Win7 headphones and speakers no sound the easiest way to solve

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It is very common for computers to appear without sound, but there are many reasons why computers do not sound, and if you want to eliminate them all, sometimes you don't know when to exclude them. But if you're a win7 system, there's an easy way to find out what the problem is.


Win7 has a feature that automatically helps you find the problem.

Click on the Start menu, Control Panel, in the system and security, choose to find and solve problems;


Turn on the hardware and sound, under the sound option, choose to play the audio, in the Play Audio dialog box, click Next;


In the Failure dialog box, select Headphones and click Next; At this point, it gives the diagnostic information: the peripheral is not plugged in, and the recommended fix: Plug in the speakers or headphones.


At this point, if you insert headphones or speakers, and click the Next button, the system will automatically change the repair, and to the following dialog box:

The above is about Win7 headphones and speakers do not sound the simplest solution, the above fault analysis, in fact, is mainly used to help you find the problem. And the solution is to combine the actual situation, basically know the problem is very easy to solve.

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