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Regular users use the Win7 64-bit flagship version often through the control Panel to access, various projects such as "system", "power management" or "display" can be set through this page. In general, these tabs contain more than one sub option, so it feels too much and too complicated to do something, so the usual approach is that we might need a very complicated step to deal with, is there a quicker way?

As a matter of fact, we can simply set up shortcuts for these projects so that we can easily and quickly make specific project visits. Again, let's take a simple introduction to the Hardware tab in the System project.

1, the first step we want to know is the project in the Control Panel file name, next we go directly to the Control Panel, right-click to select the corresponding "System" item, and select the "Create Shortcut" command, through the steps to the simple "shortcut" settings. After entering its "properties" setting, we can "change the icon" to do some simple naming operations for the program to be processed, and then we can see the name of the project "Sysdm.cpl".

2, then we right-click on the desktop, you can perform a new shortcut creation, and at the command line, enter "Control sysdm.cpl,2", and then take the next step.

3, we rename it to "Hardware", and finally click "Finish".

4, if the shortcut can not be set up correctly through the right mouse button to click on the shortcut and select "Properties", and then we in the "Target" column in the "Control sysdm.cpl,2", and finally delete the "starting position" column in the content, and then modify the name of the shortcut.

In this way we will be able to easily and quickly win7 pure version of the 32-bit Control Panel of the corresponding project access.

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